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2018 ford ecosport problems

Like all other vehicles on the road, the 2018 Ford Ecosport contains some potential vulnerabilities that consumers should be aware of.

Though not every 2018 Ford Ecosport will display the problems this article will discuss, being aware of the most common problems a particular model of vehicle faces can help keep a consumer informed and allow them to diagnose a problem before it is too late to address it.

Continue reading to find out more about the 2018 Ford Ecosport and the things buyers typically complain about.

Common 2020 Ford Ecosport Problems

  • Engine Problems: Grinding noises, stalling, leaking coolant, complete engine failure, oil pump problems
  • In-Car Electronics: Vehicle shutoff, infotainment system failing, backup cameras displaying nothing, loss of power
  • Transmission Problems: Bucking and jerking, failure to accelerate, reduced power in certain gears, gear slippage
  • Fuel/Propulsion System Failures: Oil pump problems, oil pump belt malfunctions, metal in oil pan, broken tension rod

2018 Ford Ecosport Transmission Issues

Transmission problems are some of the more common issues a vehicle can run into, and the 2018 Ford Ecosport is no different. Though not as numerous as engine problems, transmission problems are reported semi-frequently for the 2018 Ford Ecosport.

Transmission problems are very stressful to discover in a vehicle because the transmission is responsible for the driver’s ability to properly accelerate and shift gears.

In the 2018 Ford Ecosport, they manifest as the vehicle unexpectedly bucking and jerking, failing to accelerate, experiencing weaker power when the car is in certain gears, and gear slippage. Some consumers also report a total shutdown of the vehicle after the transmission failed.

2018 Ford Ecosport Engine Problems

Also a common problem for a vehicle to have, engine problems can be very dangerous due to the work an engine does and the various fluids (oil and coolant) that can potentially leak and cause problems.

The 2018 Ford Ecosport has been reported to experience a handful of engine issues, mainly grinding noises, the engine stalling, coolant leaking from the engine, complete engine failure, and oil pump problems.

Regarding the oil pump problems, Ford issued a recall on certain 2018-2022 Ford Ecosport vehicles. Ford states that the oil pump drive belt or drive belt tensioner can fail and result in a loss of engine oil pressure, which many consumers reported. The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration ID number for this recall is 23V905000.

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    2018 Ford Ecosport Owner Complaints

    2018 ford ecosport complaints

    • National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration Complaint

    “I own a 2018 Ford EcoSport. While driving at an undisclosed speed, the vehicle stalled, and the engine seized. The vehicle was towed to the dealer where it was diagnosed with engine failure due to coolant leaking into the engine.”

    • Complaint

    “Had for years. 95k miles motor problems. It is common problem with this car and Ford won’t help. Second Ford I had that I got stuck with that was no good before under 100k. Fords are awful!!! I am done with Ford!!”

    • Complaint

    “My car had brakes problems from day one. I took the car back at least 4 times they never could find anything wrong. Two years into the car started have transmission issues. It is not worth the money I was paying.”

    The Lemon Law and Your 2018 Ford Ecosport Issues

    The lemon law in California provides a way for consumers who purchase defective vehicles to be compensated, either through a refund of the money they spent on the vehicle or a replacement vehicle of similar make and model.

    The lemon law process begins with the consumer discovering a defect in the vehicle and taking the defect to be repaired by an authorized dealer. Consumers should take care to document and record these repair attempts, as they form the basis for a lemon law claim in California.

    If the car undergoes a reasonable number of repair attempts (usually two to four, the consumer can notify the manufacturer of their desire to receive a refund or replacement.

    At this point, hiring a lemon law attorney is a wise choice for the consumer. An attorney can help organize the case, gather documentation and records, negotiate with the manufacturer, and eventually bring the case to court if need be.

    With the help of an experienced attorney, your chances of successfully bringing a claim increase substantially. Manufacturers bring a legal team to the table: why shouldn’t you?

    Beyond the replacement or refund of the vehicle, consumers also receive the payment of their reasonable attorney’s fees and costs if they win their lemon law case against the manufacturer.

    This means that the legal representation comes at no cost to the consumer. The attorney’s fees and costs do not come out of any award that goes to the consumer and are completely separate.

    Call the Lemon Law Experts for Assistance Now!

    If your 2018 Ford Ecosport has been giving you problems and you believe it to be defective, don’t wait to take it to be repaired. Vehicles must be under the manufacturer’s original warranty to be eligible for lemon status, so time is of the essence in bringing a claim.

    If the defect cannot be repaired and your vehicle ends up being a lemon, hiring a skilled lemon law attorney gives you the best chance at receiving the compensation you deserve.

    Luckily, the Lemon Law Experts are here to assist you. Our team of highly trained and experienced attorneys has helped thousands of clients receive millions of collective dollars for their lemon vehicles.

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