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problems with 2018 ford escape

Though any vehicle can experience problems, some makes and models unfortunately contain more issues than others, or at least experience a certain defect at much higher rates than other types of defects.

In the case of the 2018 Ford Escape, two issues are much more common than others: engine problems and transmission problems.

In this article, we will break down some of the complaints Ford has received regarding their 2018 Ford Escape and inform you of your options in bringing a lemon law claim.

Common 2018 Ford Escape Problems

  • Engine Problems: Overheating, coolant leaks, cracking in the engine block, bucking and hesitating, electrical issues
  • Transmission Problems: Gear slippage, off-putting sounds, transmission fluid leaking
  • Body Problems: Paint peeling, especially around windshield
  • In-Car Electronics: Bluetooth pairing failures, radio issues
  • Climate System: Faulty cooling, A/C system failure

2018 Ford Escape Engine Problems

Engine problems are the most common issue encountered by 2018 Ford Escape owners. Consumers report observing a variety of problems with their vehicles, including the engine overheating, leaking coolant, hesitating and bucking, and discovering cracks in the engine block.

These problems were addressed with engine replacements, but some consumers report that even replacing the engine did not solve the problems they were experiencing.

The “check engine” light would also frequently come on and falsely report problems or misidentify them. As of June 2024, no recall was declared by Ford for the engine problems some consumers experienced with their 2018 Ford Escape.

2018 Ford Escape Transmission Problems

Transmission problems are the other most commonly reported problem by consumers who own a 2018 Ford Escape. Consumers report the transmission suddenly failing in their vehicle, leaving them stranded on the side of the road and with a hefty repair cost.

Some consumers also mentioned that the mechanics they took their vehicles to said transmission issues are fairly common in this model and year Ford because the transmission may have been manufactured with a faulty valve.

Several Ford vehicles, including the 2018 Escape, are the subjects of a class action lawsuit that was filed in March of 2024. This lawsuit alleges that Ford was aware of their transmissions being faulty as early as 2009 but continued to sell vehicles containing those transmissions.

Consumers specifically report experiencing sudden shaking, violent jerking, acceleration problems, gear slippage, and random losses in power.

2018 Ford Escape Body Problems

Though less numerous than the other types of problems, several consumers have reported problems with their 2018 Ford Escape’s paint. Paint specifically around the windshield has been discovered to peel within only a few years of ownership.

According to consumers, dealerships refuse to remedy this issue and largely attribute it to normal ownership wear (regardless of whether or not this is the case).

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    2018 Ford Escape Owner Complaints

    2018 ford escape complaint

    • Kelly Blue Book Comment

    “2018 ford escape titanium. Coolant into my engine block and needed a whole new engine. Reported it to ford. Told me it was all on me. 4 months later, same thing happened and needed another new engine. Thankfully it was covered under the new warranty. Reported this again to ford. Something needs to be done for them to recall it.”

    • Kelly Blue Book Comment

    “Having numerous transmission issues for the 2018 ford escape. Why no recalls it’s barely 5 years old.”

    • National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration Complaint

    “My 2018 ford sel 1.5 ecoboost constantly looses coolant. No leaks of coolant seen anywhere. And a smell of coolant is now coming from the rear of car. I also had a cylinder 3 misfire.”

    How the Lemon Law Can Resolve Your 2018 Ford Escape Issues

    The lemon law in California provides a remedy for consumers who purchase vehicles under the manufacturer’s original warranty and who discover a defect in that vehicle.

    If you are the owner of a 2018 Escape and you believe you have discovered a defect, and the vehicle is still under warranty, you may be able to bring a lemon law claim against Ford.

    Once a defect is discovered, the consumer should take the vehicle to an authorized dealer to have it repaired. If it is repaired, the process ends here.

    If not, and the vehicle undergoes more repair attempts that are unsuccessful, they should gather relevant documentation and prepare to bring a lemon law claim.

    Hiring an attorney at this point in the process is highly advisable, as they can help the consumer organize their claim and help manage negotiations with the manufacturer.

    If the vehicle is determined to be a lemon by the manufacturer, the consumer will be offered either a refund or a replacement vehicle by the manufacturer.

    In the event of a refund, the manufacturer will provide the consumer with all money they spent on the vehicle. This includes monthly payments and taxes and interest that apply to those payments.

    Incidental expenses, like registration renewal fees or rental vehicle expenses, will sometimes also be covered. In a replacement situation, the consumer will have their vehicle replaced by one of a similar make and model as the defective vehicle.

    This will often be a current year vehicle but won’t always be. In either situation, a usage fee is deducted from the refund by the manufacturer for  the time the consumer was able to drive the vehicle without problems.

    Give the Lemon Law Experts a Call Now!

    If you have identified a defect in your 2018 Ford Escape and attempted to repair that defect while the vehicle was under warranty, you are likely able to bring a lemon law claim against Ford.

    As a consumer, your best choice for bringing such a claim is to contact an experienced lemon law attorney to ensure the best odds of winning your claim.

    Under California law, the auto manufacturer is responsible to pay for the consumer’s reasonable attorneys fees and costs where the consumer is the prevailing party.

    Additionally, manufacturers bring their own legal teams to prevent consumers from succeeding in their claims, making it even more important for consumers to bring their own legal counsel to a lemon law situation.

    This is why it is important for consumers to engage with experienced and reputable lemon law attorneys who are know the law and understand how to fight for consumer rights.

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