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2019 buick encore

Common Problems: The common problems with the 2019 Buick Encore are engine problems, electrical system issues, air bag issues, and transmission issues. The 2019 Encore also had two recalls announced by Buick. The first was for missing bolts on the endcap of the start/stop accumulator, and the second was for faulty airbags.

These issues have been reported by consumers in several different places, including the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, Kelley Blue Book, and

Because of how many reports there are, it can be difficult to determine which issues are actually common and which are simply overreported. This article will help clarify this as well as inform you on your options regarding the lemon law and how you can use the lemon law to receive compensation.

Common 2019 Buick Encore Problems

  • Engine Problems: Oil leaks, coolant leaks, overheating, engine failure, reductions in engine power, sudden lurching forward
  • Electrical System Issues: Faulty sensor readings, automatic engine shutoff system problems, radio and stereo issues, infotainment system problems
  • Air Bag Issues: Airbag sensors falsely on, sensors broken, air bags failing to deploy
  • Transmission Issues: Bucking and lurching, gear slippage, rollaway, stalling, failure to stay in gear

2019 Buick Encore Engine Problems

Engine problems can be some of the more dangerous issues for a vehicle to encounter because the engine contains so many vital parts for a car’s operation, and some of these parts can react violently when malfunctioning.

In the case of the 2019 Buick Encore, consumers report oil leaks in their engine, coolant leaks (which result in overheating), engine failure, reductions in engine power, and sudden lurching forward.

Most engine issues can pose a serious threat to driver and vehicle safety, so a vehicle owner who discovers them or believes they may be present should go to a certified mechanic to have the defect inspected and repaired if necessary.

2019 Buick Encore Air Bag Issues

Dangerous for obvious reasons, airbag problems impact the vehicle’s air bag system in some way. In the 2019 Buick Encore, consumers report their airbag sensors either not being on when they are supposed to be (the passenger airbag not being on when someone is in the passenger seat, for example) or not turning off when they should be off. Some consumers even reported the airbags failing to deploy during an accident.

Buick issued a recall for the sensor module within their airbags because they were not deploying when they were supposed to. This recall took place in November 2018. The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Recall ID is 18V774000. This recall only affected 18 vehicles and was therefore a fairly small issue.

2019 Buick Transmission Problems

Also dangerous are transmission problems, which tend to impact the ability of the driver to control acceleration and deceleration in the vehicle.

The transmission is also responsible for managing which gear the vehicle is in, and when a transmission is faulty, the car may have trouble staying in one gear or may not shift at all. Consumers specifically reported lurching, rollaway (from the car not shifting to park), and a general failure to stay in gear.

Buick issued a recall for the transmission on the 2019 Buick Encore in October 2020 because some bolts were missing from the endcap of the start/stop transmission accumulator. This could result in oil leaking into other parts of the vehicle, which could start a fire if they came into contact with hot parts. The NHTSA Recall ID for this recall is 20V668000.

buick encore 2019 problems

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    Complaints from Real Vehicle Owners

    “When I apply brakes the car accelerates instead of stopping. This occurs randomly and not all the time. It has occurred at traffic lights or when I am at a location to park the suv. I was in a accident in May which caused damages to another car. I reported this to GM back in May of this year and they stated that they sent a engineer to inspect the car and could not find anything wrong. at that time the car had been towed to the dealership. I went and picked the car up It drove fine for a while and now its back doing the same thing again. It will run thru red lights, stop signs and doesn’t stop when I pull into parking spaces, this is very dangerous, I am getting the run around with General motors. I need some one’s help before someone gets injured or killed with this vehicle. I hope its not me.”

    “Engine had only 73000 miles on it when the motor went out THE ENGINEHAD 3 PISTONS disintegrated the oil looked like a milk shake oil was changed less then a month ago I was told I had extended warranty on but when time came I didn’t the car dealer lied to me what the car had on it I would like to here from you on this matter am a 80 years old lady who they done this to I was told the engine had to be bad when they sold it to me thank you”

    “I had a loaner from the Chevrolet dealer while my car was in shop. I had the Encore for two weeks and drove to and from work as well as a day jaunt an hour away. This car had little power, no get up and go (needed for the traffic where I live) and had the worst air conditioning of any car I’ve ever driven. It would take a good 10 min to start cooling down the car (and it’s not a really roomy vehicle!). I definitely would not buy this car!!!”

    Get the Compensation You Deserve Through the Lemon Law

    The lemon law provides legal protection and remedies for consumers who have purchased or leased defective vehicles. Under the California Lemon Law, if a vehicle is determined to be a lemon, the consumer is able to get a refund or a replacement vehicle.

    The first step in any lemon law process is to identify a defect in the vehicle. After identifying the defect, the vehicle should be presented to an authorized manufacturer dealership for a warranty repair attempts.

    During the repair process, the consumer should collect as much documentation as possible. This documentation will function as evidence in support of a potential lemon law claim should the lemon law process continue.

    Vehicles are considered a lemon under California law if they undergo a reasonable number of repair attempts that substantially impair its safety, use or value.

    If a consumer finds themselves taking their vehicle in for repeat warranty repairs, hiring a lemon law attorney at this point in the process is advisable: these attorneys can help the consumer organize their case, gather and present documentation, communicate with the manufacturer, and bring your claim in court if need be.

    Consumers can use negotiations or a lemon lawsuit to be compensated for the purchase or lease of a defective vehicle. If the consumer sues the manufacturer, it is advisable to seek the services of an experienced lemon law attorney to represent them.

    As the prevailing party under the California Lemon Law, the auto manufacturer is responsible to pay for the consumer’s reasonable attorney’s fees and costs meaning the legal representation comes at no cost to the consumer. This makes pursuing a lemon law claim the right and easy financial decision.

    Consumers either receive a refund or a replacement vehicle if they succeed in proving that their vehicle is a lemon. In the event of a refund, the manufacturer refunds the consumer all of the money they spent towards buying the vehicle. This includes a reimbursement of the down payment, monthly payment, taxes and fees.

    Here, the manufacturer is entitled to deduct a usage fee which is a value for when the vehicle was driven without the problems leading it to be a lemon.

    A replacement vehicle m offer may be offered instead of the refund. This replacement vehicle will be of a similar make and model to the lemon vehicle. Here, the consumer will be responsible for any difference in price between the lemon vehicle and the replacement vehicle. Here, the auto manufacturer is also entitled to charge a usage fee.

    The Lemon Law Experts Are Here to Fight for You!

    When consumers bring a lemon law claim to a manufacturer, the manufacturer has a powerful legal team which will try to prevent you from being compensated.

    To level the playing field, hiring a skilled and diligent lemon law attorney is highly recommended. The Lemon Law Experts have been representing consumers with defective vehicles since 2009.  We have helped consumers receive in millions in refunds and cash compensation.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us today; lemon law claims can be time sensitive as they must be initiated while the vehicle is still under the manufacturer’s original warranty. Call today at (877) 885-5366 or fill out an online form for a free case evaluation!