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2019 Chevy trax problems

Common problems: The 2019 Chevy Trax has been reported to suffer from defects like suspension problems, electrical issues, engine problems, and brake issues. Additionally, an airbag recall was announced for the vehicle due to the airbags failing to deploy.

One of the most stressful things for a new vehicle owner to encounter is a dangerous defect in their freshly purchased vehicle. Between manufacturer communications and repair costs, the situation can quickly become overwhelming.

Luckily, consumers can arm themselves with information about the vehicles they own or are planning on purchasing by reading what other consumers have reported encountering with their vehicles.

This article will summarize some of the most commonly reported problems and then describe how you can use the lemon law to be compensated for the purchase of a defective vehicle under the manufacturer’s original warranty.

Common 2019 Chevy Trax Problems

  • Suspension Problems: Squeaking when driving over bumps at high speeds, popping sounds, strong smells, broken strut mounts
  • Electrical Issues: Infotainment system problems, blank infotainment screen, key fob problems, false indicator lights triggering, air conditioning failure
  • Engine Problems: Overheating, hot oil leakage, shaking and shuddering while driving, loss of engine power, insufficient engine power
  • Brake Issues: Overly slow braking, brake failure, sudden braking

2019 Chevy Trax Suspension Problems

One of the most reported problems in the 2019 Chevy Trax was suspension problems. The suspension in a car is responsible for managing the impact between the tires and the road, and generally serves to make the driving experience literally as smooth as possible. When the suspension in a vehicle does not work properly, it can result in a very bumpy ride.

Consumers reported squeaking while driving over bumps at higher speeds, popping noises, strong smells, and broken strut mounts. Because of their impact on the driving feel of a 2019 Chevy Trax, consumers will probably notice if the suspension is causing problems. If they detect such problems, they should take their vehicle to be repaired as soon as possible.

2019 Chevy Trax Engine Problems

Engine problems can cover a huge range of problems, but the majority of them can be dangerous or even destructive for the driver and the vehicle. Consumers report issues like engine overheating, hot oil leakage, shaking and shuddering while driving, a loss of engine power, and insufficient engine power to maintain certain speeds.

Of the listed issues, overheating and hot oil leakage run the risk of causing combustion to take place. This can be extremely dangerous and result in a total loss of the vehicle as well as serious injury or death. Consumers who notice their car driving strangely, especially while accelerating, may be encountering an engine issue and should take their vehicle in to be repaired.

2019 Chevy Trax Airbag Recall

Chevrolet issued a recall on the 2019 Chevy Trax and other vehicles for containing airbag sensor modules set to not go off. This recall was issued in November 2018, and the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Recall ID is 18V774000.

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    Complaints from Real 2019 Trax Owners

    2019 chevy trax complaints

    “The steering failed causing the vehicle to not be able to turn left. The dealership replaced the entire steering column to correct the issue. The failure happened while being driven by my daughter nearly causing a crash. She was able to stop and back up in the road as the vehicle would turn right but not left. The issue after the initial incident cleared up and did not affect the vehicle operation until the next day when it happened again. The second occurrence is when we took it in for service. The dealership stated the module in the steering column was failing. The module replacement required the replacement of the steering column.”

    “The infotainment system stopped working. Sometimes it goes snowy, then comes back on. Sometimes, especially in hot or cold weather, it goes black. It also effects my my phone connections like my GPS. The screen tells me ‘cannot connect to server’. I travel a lot so all this is very frustrating. I was told it would be around $2000.00 to fix. Also the 2020 Trax I was told has a recall for the same issue, again very frustrating.”

    “This car sucks. Bought it with 22,000 miles, it now has 95,000 miles and it’s had problem, after problem, after problem over the years. It started with ignition coil issues right off the bat, two coolant leaks, one of the two horns blew out on it. The back doors don’t lock, Just had the fan motor and a sensor replaced, and now the engine is stalling out on me. I’m so sick of this car.. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone!”

    Lemon Law Solutions for Your 2019 Chevrolet Trax Problems

    If you suspect your 2019 Chevy Trax has a defect, there’s no need to worry! The Lemon law in your state can help consumers hold manufacturers accountable for selling defective vehicles.

    In California, winning a lemon law claim provides for your reasonable attorney’s fees: this means the legal representation comes at no personal expense to you, the consumer!

    To start a lemon law claim, there must be a defect with your warrantied vehicle that you present to an authorized manufacturer dealership for repeat repair attempts.

    If the dealer fixes the issue, you’re good to get back on the road. If not, you should continue to take the vehicle in for repeat repair attempts. In California, a vehicle is generally considered a lemon after two to four unsuccessful repair attempts.

    Thorough documentation of all repair attempts is crucial, as this is an important part of proving your case and establishing that the vehicle is a lemon.

    If the vehicle is deemed to be a lemon, the manufacturer will offer either a replacement vehicle or a refund. A replacement is typically a similar make and model to your defective vehicle. A refund includes the reimbursement of all the money spent towards purchasing the vehicle, including the down payment, monthly payments, taxes and interest.

    In both cases, the consumer is entitled to receive the reimbursement of any incidental expenses related to the lemon such as rental car or tow car expenses in addition to the registration renewal fee.

    With both potential remedies, the manufacturer deducts a usage fee that relates to the mileage of the vehicle before it was driven without problems causing it to be a lemon.

    The consumer should hire a skilled lemon law lawyer. Such an attorney will assist you in organizing documentation, paying attention to deadlines, communicating with the manufacturer for you, and representing you in court. Hiring a lemon law attorney can take place at any point in the process, but if you plan to bring a claim in court, you will almost certainly need one.

    It’s often beneficial to consult an attorney as soon as you decide to pursue a lemon claim. Having an advocate and access to legal advice at the outset can significantly reduce stress, make your claim proceed more smoothly, and help get you as much compensation as possible.

    The Lemon Law Experts Are Here to Fight for You!

    If you find yourself in the nightmarish situation of discovering a substantial defect in your new and warrantied car, you may be able to begin the lemon law process and be compensated!

    However, it is wise to pursue this path sooner rather than later. This is because lemon law claims are time-sensitive based on the expiration of the manufacturer’s original warranty.

    If you are planning on bringing a lemon law claim, contact the Lemon Law Experts today! Our diligence and experience make us the premier choice for your lemon law claim. Begin your road to compensation by contacting us today at (877) 885-5366 or by filling out a form online for a free case evaluation.