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2019 dodge journey problems

Buying and experiencing a new car should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for the average consumer. Unfortunately, some vehicles are more prone to certain defects than others, which can seriously impair a consumer’s ability to enjoy their new vehicle.

The 2019 Dodge Journey overall does not suffer from many problems based on reports from consumers, but there are a few things consumers should be aware of as issues that can come up.

In this article, we will discuss the most common 2019 Dodge Journey problems and complaints as reported by consumers across the country.

Common 2019 Dodge Journey Problems

  • Brake Problems: Brake squeaking, brake failure
  • Electrical Problems: Total loss of power, backup camera failure, faulty warning lights
  • Engine Problems: Failure to accelerate, misfiring cylinders
  • Transmission Problems: Sounds coming from transmission, gear slippage, stalling

2019 Dodge Journey Brake Problems

Brake defects are some of the most dangerous for a car to contain because without functioning brakes, a driver is able to exercise far less control over their vehicle than is safe.

Though there are not many complaints about the brakes of the 2019 Dodge Journey, some consumers have reported experiencing total brake failure while driving their vehicles.

Others mention the brakes rattling or squealing when braking from an increased speed. Because of how dangerous brake defects can be, if you notice a brake issue or something off about your brakes, you should take them in to be examined and repaired as soon as possible.

2019 Dodge Journey Electrical Problems

As cars become more and more computerized, more and more electronics are being put into them. These electronic elements of a vehicle can add a lot of convenience and functionality to a vehicle, but unfortunately also have a tendency to break and cause more issues than they ever solved.

In the 2019 Dodge Journey, the overwhelmingly most common electrical problem is the backup camera either failing to work at all or failing to work as intended.

Consumers report the backup camera flashing during use, turning off completely, or turning upside down. Also, warning lights on the dashboard like engine or coolant lights seem to light or extinguish independent of a problem, meaning consumers receive false alerts about their vehicle or don’t receive real alerts.

2019 Dodge Journey Transmission Problems

Also very dangerous problems to have are transmission problems. The transmission of a vehicle is responsible for regulating acceleration and gear-switching, which are fundamental elements of controlling a vehicle safely.

The transmission problems with the 2019 Dodge Journey are standard for transmission problems in general: banging and clunking sounds coming from the transmission, gears slipping especially when shifting from reverse, and engine stalling. Like brake problems, transmission problems should be addressed as soon as safely possible by a mechanic.

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    dodge journey problems 2019

    Example Complaints from Real Dodge Journey Owners

    • Complaint

    “Dodge needs to stop making this car. It is bordering on fraud, calling it a vehicle. The transmission is powerless. The simple things you take for granted like working door locks, wiper fluid hoses, the battery are so convoluted and over complicated it makes repairs a nightmare!”

    • National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration Complaint

    “When pushing the start button the vehicle continues to turn over but takes a while before it cranks and it usually happens when it’s a cold crank and it’s been sitting for a while I’m pretty sure it’s the fuel pump. Also whenever you’re getting in and backing out the brakes squeak pretty bad and this vehicle has less the 25k miles on it.”

    • Complaint

    “The back up camera started to go in and out suddenly. Then all of sudden I started to get an upside down image with red and green stripes and with stripe at the top. I saw the journey up to 2018 has a recall for this issue but mine is a 2019 and this just randomly started on 12/08/2022.”

    How the Lemon Law Could Help with Your 2019 Dodge Journey Issues

    The lemon law can help you as a consumer dealing with a defective vehicle by providing a set of criteria you can use to classify your vehicle as a lemon and receive compensation for it.

    The lemon law process starts with a vehicle’s owner discovering a defect in their vehicle and taking it to be repaired by an authorized manufacturer’s dealership while the vehicle is still under the manufacturer’s original warranty. This repair, and all subsequent repairs, should be documented and recorded by the consumer to be used as evidence in bringing a lemon law claim.

    If the defect undergoes a reasonable number of repair attempts, your vehicle will likely be considered a lemon. A reasonable number of repair attempts is usually around two or four, but a car that is out of use for 30 total days may also be considered a lemon under California law.

    If the vehicle is suspected to be a lemon, the consumer should hire an experienced lemon law attorney who will seek compensation from the manufacturer on behalf of the consumer.

    The manufacturer will likely want to try another repair attempt, unless the consumer has strong evidence that the vehicle should be considered a lemon without it.

    This is where negotiations between the manufacturer and the consumer typically take place. During these negotiations, the consumer is attempting to assert that their vehicle is a lemon, while the manufacturer is attempting to claim the opposite. Having a lemon law attorney is recommended and can make the process significantly smoother and more successful than without one.

    If the lemon law claim resolves in favor of the consumer, they will be offered either a replacement vehicle or a refund by the manufacturer. A replacement vehicle will be one of similar make and model to the defective one, and often ends up being a current-year vehicle.

    A refund from the manufacturer will see the consumer receive all money spent on the vehicle including taxes and interest. Incidental expenses, like rental car expenses and registration renewal fees, will likely be refunded as well. In either situation, a fee will be taken by the manufacturer called the usage fee which represents the time the consumer drove the defective vehicle without problems.

    If informal negotiations do not resolve in favor of the consumer, the consumer can sue the manufacturer under the lemon law. A lemon law attorney is recommended in order to bring such a claim successfully.

    The good news is that if the claim is brought successfully (in other words, if the consumer wins), the manufacturer is required to pay for their reasonable attorney’s fees and costs. This means the legal representation comes at no personal cost to the consumer making pursuing a lemon law claim with an attorney the right and easy financial decision.

    Connect with the Lemon Law Experts for a Fresh Start

    Dealing with a defective vehicle is a stressful experience, especially when you have already spent money on the vehicle itself and were looking forward to enjoying it.

    If you discover a defect in your 2019 Dodge Journey, you should take it to be repaired as soon as possible to ensure the first repair takes place within the vehicle’s warranty period. From there, your best bet at receiving compensation is to contact an experienced lemon law attorney.

    The Lemon Law Experts have been working with consumers and their lemons since 2009, securing them millions of dollars in compensation. You don’t have to deal with the stress of a lemon on your own: let us assist you in bringing your case and add you to our list of happy clients. Contact us today by calling (877) 885-5366 or by filling out our online form for a free case evaluation!