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2020 ford ecosport problems

Though manufacturing technology has improved continuously over the last several decades, defective products sometimes still slip through the cracks and make their way into the consumer market.

While having something like a defective toaster can be frustrating, it isn’t usually life-threatening.

However, vehicle defects can be and often are life-threatening, which is why consumers should be as aware as possible regarding their vehicle and the defects others are reporting on the same make, model, and year.

This article will be going over the 2020 Ford Ecosport and the problems consumers have reported having with it.

Common 2020 Ford EcoSport Problems

  • Engine Problems: Loud noises coming from engine, stalling, overheating, seizing, oil leaks, airflow issues, fuel pump problems
  • Transmission Problems: Complete powertrain failure, sudden acceleration, no acceleration, sudden deceleration, scraping sounds
  • Defective Brake Systems: Sudden brake locking, squealing and squeaking brakes, total brake failure

2020 Ford EcoSport Engine Problems

Engine problems are by far the most reported issue for the 2020 Ford EcoSport, with 171 of the 197 complaints on the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) website involving either the engine or the engine’s cooling system. Consumers report loud, worrisome noises coming from the engine, engine stalling, engine overheating, oil leaks, airflow issues, and significant fuel pump problems.

Engine problems are very impactful on a driver’s ability to adequately control and maneuver their vehicle and should be addressed as soon as they are noticed. Ford issued a recall on 2018-2022 EcoSport vehicles in December of 2023 for oil pumps in its vehicles, which would fail to provide enough oil pressure and cause the engine to stall. The NHTSA ID number for this recall is 23V905000.

2020 Ford EcoSport Transmission Problems

Though much less numerous in volume than engine complaints, transmission complaints were also not uncommonly made by owners of 2020 Ford EcoSport vehicles. Consumers mention hearing scraping noises from the bottom of their car, leading them to discover that their transmission had failed and needed to be replaced or repaired.

The transmission controls the acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle, meaning it is an extremely important part to have functioning properly. If you notice any change in the difficulty of shifting gears or your vehicle begins unexpectedly accelerating or decelerating, you may be dealing with a transmission issue. Because of how important a functioning transmission is, consumers dealing with an issue should take their vehicle to a mechanic to be repaired as soon as possible.

2020 Ford EcoSport Airbag Recall

Though it was not highly reported by consumers, a small number of 2020 Ford EcoSports suffered from an airbag defect that caused Ford to recall those vehicles in December of 2020. The NHTSA ID for this recall is 20V791000.

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    Real Complaints from Owners of the 2020 Ford EcoSport

    “Taken to dealer, they said they could not reproduce issue. No warnings. Loss of power, car feels like shifts very hard. Has been experienced while I have passengers with me. Happens pretty much on a daily basis at various speeds. Sometimes when I start to go from a stop, sometimes when accelerating while driving.”

    “Bought the car and the engine has blown up twice. Then got it back didn’t last a hour and the engine overheated. A/c line cracked and now the transmission all under 60000 miles.”

    “The oil pump failed while on the freeway. I received a “low oil pressure” warning and immediately pulled over and had the car towed. The car was only 3 years old and had 46,000 miles in it. The dealership informed me that I need a new engine. Luckily my warranty expires at 60,000 miles otherwise I would have had to pay. This car is defective and Ford should have recalled it. Many others have reported the same issue with their 2018 ecosport. Please do your research before purchasing this car.”

    2020 ford ecosport complaints

    Utilizing the Lemon Law for Your 2020 Ford EcoSport

    As frustrating as dealing with a defective vehicle can be, consumers are not powerless to hold manufacturers accountable. Most states have a lemon law which consumers can use after discovering defects in their warrantied vehicle to bring a claim after fulfilling certain criteria. Those criteria will be described now, along with helpful advice to make the most of your lemon law claim.

    After a consumer discovers a defect in their vehicle, their first step should be to present the vehicle to an authorized dealer and have them inspect and attempt to repair it pursuant to the warranty.

    If the consumer experiences repeat repairs to the same or similar issue, the consumer may have a lemon on their hands and could likely present a lemon law claim to seek a refund or replacement vehicle.

    In California, typically, two to four repeat repair attempts will satisfy this requirement. Defects that are dangerous usually require less repair attempts to be considered a lemon. Consumers should document and record all of these repair attempts to arm themselves with the most evidence available to them.

    After the defective vehicle has undergone a reasonable number of repair attempts, the consumer can proceed with a lemon law claim. If they choose to do so, they should be prepared to hire a lemon law attorney before bringing their claim.

    Though consumers can bring a lemon law claim independently in California, hiring a lemon law lawyer is advisable for several reasons. Lemon law attorneys have been specifically trained to understand the lemon law in their state and have experience in applying it.

    They can help you organize your documentation and bring the strongest claim possible to the manufacturer. They can also provide general advice and guidance throughout the claim process if anything unexpected comes up, which is fairly common in legal situations. Finally, if you choose to bring your claim in court, an attorney is almost a necessity to bring a claim successfully.

    Replacement Vehicle or Refund

    Typically, if the consumer prevails against the manufacturer with the lemon law claim, they will receive either a replacement vehicle or a refund of the monies spent made towards the defective one.

    A replacement vehicle will be of similar make and model compared to the defective one, and oftentimes will be a current-year vehicle. The consumer typically is responsible for any difference in price and the usage fee related to the time that the consumer drove the vehicle without problems that lead to it being deemed a lemon.

    In a refund situation, the consumer is refunded all the money they spent towards the purchase of the vehicle, including the down payment, monthly payments, taxes and interest.

    Sometimes, incidental fees like rental car costs or registration renewal fees are also included. Here, the manufacturer will also get to deduct a usage fee that represents the time the consumer drove the vehicle without issues that lead to it being deemed a lemon.

    Contact the Lemon Law Experts Today for a Sweet Resolution

    Under the California lemon law and many others, reasonable attorney’s fees and costs are paid for by the manufacturer if the consumer prevails with their lemon law claim.

    This makes having strong representation even more important than it otherwise is for a consumer. Arm yourself with an excellent advocate by hiring a lemon law attorney from the Lemon Law Experts.

    We have been working since 2009 to help consumers hold manufacturers accountable and have gotten our clients millions of dollars in refunds, replacement vehicles and cash compensation.

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