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2020 ford escape problems

Unfortunately, it is often the case that a particular model or year of vehicle will contain some number of issues common to that model or year.

Consumers will typically report such issues and attempt to have them fixed, sometimes finding success and sometimes finding only frustration.

In this article, we will be going over some of the most common 2020 Ford Escape problems and complaints so you as a consumer can make wise purchasing decisions regarding them.

Alternatively, if you already own a 2020 Ford Escape and recognize issues, you may be able to pursue an individual claim under California’s lemon law.

Common 2020 Ford Escape Problems

  • Electrical System: Failures in door electronics, warning light failures, all-wheel drive module failures, infotainment system issues
  • Brake Problems: parking brake sticks, bad brake pulsing, squeaking
  • Transmission Problems: all-wheel drive failures, rough or delayed shifting, loss of power
  • Engine Problems: Coolant leaks, Stalling, Check Engine Light Illumination
  • Climate System: A/C compressor failing, air temperature issues
  • Body Hardware Problems: Squeaky doors, doors separating from rest of vehicle

2020 Ford Escape Transmission Problems

Transmission problems are some of the most abundantly encountered issues for 2020 Ford Escape owners. Transmission problems can be some of the more dangerous problems for a vehicle to have, especially when they involve gear slipping or other involuntary shifting.

Consumers report problems such as gear slippage, concerning sounds like scraping or banging, leaking transmission fluid, and outright failure of the transmission systems.

Some consumers mention that even after repairs have taken place, hard shifting persists. Some of these problems have been remedied through software updates, but the majority are addressed through a physical repair or replacement of the impacted parts.

Ford is also currently the subject of a class action lawsuit for a number of their vehicles and their transmissions. This lawsuit was filed in March of 2024 and alleges that Ford has been aware of their transmission problems for a while, possibly as early as 2009, yet continued to sell vehicles to consumers.

For that lawsuit specifically, consumers have reported things like shuddering of the vehicle during driving, problems with accelerating, gear slippage, and power losses.

Finally, there are current recalls on some 2020 Ford Escape vehicles for hybrid transmissions failing. For more information regarding this recall, visit and input the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration ID number connected to the recall. For this issue, that number is 24V330000.

2020 Ford Escape Engine Problems

Engine problems are the second most common problem facing 2020 Ford Escapes. It is important to note that engine problems are some of the most common vehicle issues in general, so consumers should be aware of what they look like and how they manifest.

Consumers report having problems with the coolant leaking into and out of the engine, as well as general issues with the engine like stalling or lurching.

Finally, some consumers report their engine having an increased risk of combustion. In some cases, the “check engine” light will illuminate and report one of these problems, but it also either does not light at all or gives false reports by lighting when no issue is present.

There is also an ongoing recall for certain 2020 Ford Escapes. For more information regarding this recall, visit and use the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration ID number connected to the recall. For this issue, that number is 23V380000.

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    2020 ford escape complaints

    Owner Complaints Regarding the 2020 Ford Escape

    • National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration Complaint

    “Transmission failed at 7k miles and had to have the transmission replaced. Staring to see issues with current transmission with rough or delayed shifting. Loss of power and trouble light coming on.”

    • Consumer Reports Complaint

    “Gear shifter locked into park when there are excessive outdoor heat temperatures. (Over 95°) The car must run for 20-30 minutes to cool down before shifter will unlock into Drive.”

    • Consumer Reports Complaint

    “Coolant was leaking from the vehicle. I replaced the radiator cap; however, the failure recurred, and coolant was added. Approximately 2 gallons of coolant was added. The vehicle was taken to the dealer where the cause of the failure was not found. The vehicle was not repaired.”

    What the Lemon Law Can Do for Your Defective 2020 Ford Escape

    Under California law, consumers can pursue a lemon law claim if they find that their warrantied vehicle is suffering from a defect that has been repeatedly repaired.

    A 2020 Ford Escape which is still under warranty and contains a defect which a reasonable number of repairs has not addressed is most likely eligible for a lemon law claim.

    A lemon law claim begins with the consumer discovering a defect and taking the vehicle to an authorized manufacturer dealer so the defect can be attempted to be repaired.

    If the defect is repaired, the process ends, and the consumer takes their vehicle back. If the defect is not repaired, and the consumer brings it to be repaired additional times, it will likely be considered a lemon.

    At this point in the process, the consumer would be well-served by hiring a lemon law attorney. Such an attorney can organize the documentation gathered by the consumer during the repair process, negotiate with the manufacturer, pay attention to deadlines and submit materials when they are needed, and ultimately bring a claim in court if necessary.

    If the vehicle is determined to be a lemon, the consumer will be offered either a refund or a replacement vehicle. A refund sees the consumer receiving all the money they spent on the vehicle from the manufacturer, including interest and taxes, minus a usage fee for the time that the consumer drove the vehicle trouble-free.

    In some situations, incidental expenses like rental vehicles or tow car expenses or registration renewal may also be reimbursed. In the event of a replacement, the manufacturer will replace the vehicle with one of a similar make and model.

    This will often be a current year vehicle but may not be depending on availability. In California, manufacturers get to choose whether they offer a replacement or refund, but consumers can reject replacement vehicles.

    Finally, consumers should be aware that reasonable attorney’s fees and attorney costs are paid for in California by the auto manufacturer if the consumer is the prevailing party with their lemon law claim.

    This does not come out of their settlement amount and does not limit their ability to receive the award. This makes pursuing a lemon law claim an easy financial decision for consumers as consumers are do not come out of pocket for their attorneys fees and costs.

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