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2020 gmc terrain problems

Although cars have generally become more reliable and safer, they have also become more and more complicated as more systems and parts become standard to include in them.

The more of these systems there are, the more that can go wrong with the vehicle. Thankfully, many services exist that consumers can use to record and report the problems they encounter with their vehicles.

This article will be discussing the 2020 GMC Terrain, and the problems consumers have most commonly reported it having. We will also discuss the lemon law, which consumers can use to receive compensation after purchasing a defective, or lemon, vehicle.

Common 2020 GMC Terrain Problems

  • Brake Problems: Brake failure, weak braking ability, brakes difficult to press, brake locking, unexpected parking brake activation
  • Electrical System Issues: Sudden radio activation, sudden volume increase, dashboard lights dark, infotainment system shutdown
  • Engine Problems: Stalling, total engine failure, faulty vacuum pump, loss of power, oil leakage
  • Transmission Problems: Banging and scraping noises, gear slippage, total transmission failure, failure to stay in gear
  • Vehicle Speed Control Issues: Stalling while accelerating, cruise control disengaging

2020 GMC Terrain Brake Problems

Although all vehicle problems have the potential to be dangerous, brake problems are particularly dangerous because they inhibit the ability of a driver to stop the vehicle when they need to. In the 2020 GMC Terrain, consumers reported brake issues more than any other issues on the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website.

These include the brakes outright failing, the brakes requiring excessive force to engage, weak braking, brake locking, and the parking brake activating unexpectedly and without input from the driver.

Brake problems should be addressed by taking the affected vehicle to a mechanic as soon as possible because of how dangerous they can be.

2020 gmc transmission problems

2020 GMC Terrain Transmission Problems

Also among the more dangerous defects, transmission problems impact the ability of the driver to accelerate or decelerate the vehicle effectively.

The transmission of a vehicle moves energy produced in the engine to the wheels, allowing the car to propel itself forward or backward. Transmission problems were second most reported by consumers on the NHTSA website.

Specific issues reported include gear slippage (unintended moving from one gear to another), banging and scraping noises, total transmission failure requiring replacement, and a failure to stay in a selected gear (park especially). Transmission problems, like braking problems, should be addressed by a mechanic as soon as they are detected.

Consumers should also be aware that a recall was issued in October of 2020 for missing bolts on an endcap of the start/stop accumulator. This defect has the potential to leak transmission oil into hot parts of the vehicle, which can start a fire. The NHTSA Recall ID for this recall is 20V668000.

2020 GMC Terrain Vehicle Speed Control Issues

Vehicle speed control refers to functions of a vehicle that allow the driver to adjust the speed of the vehicle beyond simply accelerating or braking.

In the 2020 GMC Terrain, consumers frequently reported problems the cruise control in their car. Consumers specifically mention the cruise control of their car deactivating suddenly and without displaying any warning signs in the car.

These problems are also important to report to a mechanic but can be hard to replicate, so photo or video evidence is hugely helpful for a consumer trying to remedy such a defect.

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    Complaints from 2020 GMC Terrain Owners

    “Not long after I bought my 2020 GMC Terrain my adaptive cruise started disengaging. There are never any warning lights, except the noise and vibration of the seat before it shuts off then tells you it’s disengaging. I didn’t think anything of it until it’s became a regular occurrence in the last month or two. I tell my dealership about it and they drive it but it never disengages on them, so they say nothing is wrong with my vehicle. I have a picture of the “adaptive cruise disengaging” and video of where I can’t reset it until after about 15 or so minutes or letting my car set for a while or turning off the engine then it works again. I also have noticed that my auto start/stop hasn’t been turning on & off anymore.”

    “Fell in love with this car as soon as we saw it. Unfortunately it has been the worst vehicle I have ever owned. Frequent breakdowns resulted in weeks long waits for parts. At 61k miles the car started falling apart. Dash lights quit. Brake pedal broke. Cruise doesn’t work. The car is two years old and had cost almost $7000 in repairs this year.”

    “This car spent roughly 39 days at the dealership for the same emissions problems within the first year of ownership. GMC played games until I hired a attorney and in May of 2019 they were forced to repurchase the vehicle under Wisconsin Lemon law. Will NEVER purchase another GMC product!”

    Legal Options for Dealing with Your Defective Terrain

    The lemon law, which is present in most states in the U.S., allows consumers to seek compensation from manufacturers for defective vehicles.

    If your 2020 GMC Terrain is covered by the manufacturer’s original warranty and has a defect that underwent a reasonable number of repair attempts, your vehicle is likely considered a lemon, making you eligible for compensation.

    The lemon law process starts when a consumer purchases a vehicle and discovers a defect, at which point they should take the vehicle to an authorized dealer for repair attempts.

    If the defect is resolved, the process may ends without a lemon law claim. If not, the consumer should continue to seek repairs from authorized dealers and keep thorough documentation of all repair attempts.

    After a reasonable number of repair attempts (which is typically between two and four), the vehicle is likely a lemon. The consumer can request a replacement or refund from the manufacturer.

    If the consumer decides to take legal action, it is recommended to hire a lemon law attorney. An attorney can help organize documentation, communicate with the manufacturer, meet deadlines, and represent the consumer in court. Having a lemon law attorney is advantageous in securing compensation, even if the case does not go to court.

    Manufacturers bring their own legal teams to defeat your claim against them, so having your own attorney is often extremely important.

    If the consumer wins the negotiations or court case, they will receive either a refund or a replacement vehicle. A refund includes all expenses related to the vehicle, such as the down payment, monthly payments, interest and taxes, and may also cover incidental costs like rental car fees or registration renewal fees. A replacement involves receiving a similar make and model vehicle to the defective one.

    With both remedies, the manufacturer is allowed to charge the consumer a usage fee which is the value for when the consumer drove the vehicle without the issues rendering it a lemon.

    In California, winning a lemon law case means the manufacturer pays the attorney’s fees and costs, so there is no personal expense for the consumer. This payment is separate from any other compensation the consumer receives. This makes pursuing a lemon law claim an easy and right financial decision since there is no out of pocket expense to the consumer.

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    Lemon laws exist to protect consumers, but they don’t do anything if consumers don’t first initiate claims against manufacturers who sell defective vehicles. If you are dealing with a defective vehicle, your best choice is to hire an experienced lemon law attorney to represent you and fight for compensation.

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