Is Your Acura TSX Stalling? If so, You Might Have an Acura Lemon  

Lemon Honda

American Honda has announced the recall of almost 80,000 Acura TSX vehicles due to a defect which could cause these vehicles to stall while driving.  A vehicle that stalls while driving is not only a potential lemon, but also substantially impairs the safety of the driver and those around the vehicle.

Honda has stated that these lemon Acura vehicles are being recalled due to the fact that salt and water can corrode through the vehicle and destroy the electronic control unit located in the floor. Honda has stated that the worst that could happen is that these Acura vehicles could stall.  That statement is a bit misleading.  The worst that could happen is that these Acura vehicles could stall the driver could hit another vehicle or be hit by another vehicle, causing substantial injury and possibly even death to the drivers of these Acura Vehicles.

At the moment Honda is only doing a regional recall on this vehicle, which means that this recall does not apply to all Acura owners but rather only to Acura owners in the northeast of the United States, due to the inclement weather there.

However, all Acura TSX owners are urged to take their vehicle to their local dealerships for repairs regardless of where in the United States you live.  A vehicle stalling could be an Acura lemon, as it substantially impairs the safety of the vehicle.

If you own or lease an Acura vehicle and have has any issues with your electrical system, or engine, and have taken your vehicle in for multiple repairs, you could have a valid lemon law claim and you could an Acura lemon.  If you have experienced any problems with your Acura, you should contact the lemon law experts of Consumer Law Experts for a free case evaluation today.