BMW Lemon


BMW has recently announced that they are planning to issue a recall for approximately 45,000 potential BMW lemon 7-series sedans. The recall is to provide repairs for a software defect that can cause a parked car to roll away.

The recall specifically affects 7-series sedans for the 2005 through 2008 model years that are equipped with optional features called Comfort Access and Soft Close Automatic doors. These affected models were manufactured between August 23, 2004 and September 3, 2007.

In a statement to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, BMW revealed that the reason for this latest recall is a software issue that causes doors of affected vehicles to open unexpectedly even after they appear to be closed and latched securely. These defective doors suddenly open due to road or driving conditions, or from contact with occupants, which significantly increases the risk of a crash or injury of a passenger.

BMW plans to commence the recall next month, i.e., in November 2012. Owners of affected 7-series sedans will bring their vehicles to authorized dealerships for a software update.

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