If you are a California resident, are you aware that you have rights under the State of California’s Lemon Law?  The California Lemon Law happens to be one of the strongest Lemon Laws compared to other states since it offers consumers great protection against auto manufacturers, attorney fees and costs are covered, and refunds are based on the initial purchase price of the vehicle versus the current value.

The California Lemon Law was created to protect Californians who purchase a faulty or defective vehicle that is proven to be a lemon.  California has certain guidelines to confirm if the vehicle truly is a lemon.  If you do own a lemon vehicle, whether it is a new or used car, cross over, SUV, truck, or RV/motorhome with a valid warranty from the manufacturer, then you legally have the right to have your vehicle repurchased by the auto manufacturer.  The California Lemon Law allows consumers to receive a refund of the purchase price of the vehicle, minus a usage charge based on miles used when the defect began or at the time of the first repair attempt of at least four attempts.  As part of the California Lemon Law consumers do not need to pay for the Lemon Law attorney’s fees up front.  Instead, the law allows consumers the right to bill attorney fees and related costs directly to the automobile manufacturer.  In addition, California Lemon Law gives consumers the right to request a replacement vehicle for the defected lemon vehicle.  However, the auto manufacturer must agree to this request.

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