As a metropolis with countless auto dealerships throughout the town, Anaheim has multiple options to select from when looking to buy a car. But what happens when you wind up with a shoddy vehicle that you cannot drive? What do you do when something is wrong with the car, and neither the dealership nor the manufacturer will correct it? Californian legislation affords car buyers the right to seek compensation when they have purchased one of these lemons. For help seeking compensation, contact a lemon law attorney in Anaheim.

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What are my rights under California lemon laws?

The federal government enacted “lemon laws” in 1975 to protect consumers from purchasing vehicles, both purchased and leased, that fail to meet basic quality and performance standards. Beyond those, each state has its own laws and regulations pertaining to lemons; fortunately for Anaheim residents, California’s laws are notably consumer-friendly.

When you purchase or lease a vehicle, California’s Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, found in Civil Code section 1790, provides you with certain protections, including the following.

  • You have the right to request that the manufacturer fulfill the warranty agreement.
  • If the manufacturer cannot fix your car after several attempts, the manufacturer is under obligation to buy the car back from you or offer you a replacement that is “substantially identical” to the original car you purchased.
  • You also retain the right to file a suit (within four years of purchase) against the manufacturer to recover damages resulting from the lemon car purchase.

How do I know if my car is a lemon?

California lemon laws cover all types of vehicles under sellers’ or manufacturers’ warranties, including automobiles, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles. These laws consider a car a lemon when there is something wrong with it that impedes the car’s usability, safety, or value, and the manufacturer is unable to repair it after several (usually four) attempts.

In this situation, the manufacturer will need to promptly refund your purchase or offer you a replacement. If they are unwilling to resolve the issue and make good on the warranty, you can sue for damages.

The best way to determine whether or not you have valid lemon car claim, is to have one our attorneys in Anaheim review your case.

The Law Offices of Consumer Law Experts is dedicated to helping consumers get the reparation they deserve under California lemon laws. We can help you seek compensation for damages including reimbursement for funds you invested in the vehicle, your down payment and monthly finance payments, and miscellaneous expenses such as towing and rental car fees.

Note: California law allows the manufacturer or seller to reduce your payout by the amount of miles you drove before taking your vehicle in to repair the defect. Manufacturers divide the car mileage at the first repair by 120,000 and multiply that amount by the actual amount paid or payable by the purchaser. You may also have to pay the deduction amount if you opt for replacement.

How do I get started with my lemon law claim?

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A whopping 99 percent of the clients we represent win sizable settlements under our counsel. Perhaps we can help you do the same. And do not worry about having the money to pay for a lawyer; you do not pay us, the manufacturers do.

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