The Lemon Law Experts Get Mercedes to Repurchase a Lemon Mercedes with Engine Issues

Old MBZ Logo

This Canyon Country lemon law client wanted a wagon that was safe to drive his kids around.  After doing research he decided on the Mercedes Benz R350.  He drove all the way to Newport Beach to get the car equipped with all the bells and whistles.  After about six months this client’s Mercedes Benz R350 lemon was in the shop for engine issues.  This vehicle was leaking oil and had a knocking noise coming from the engine.  After multiple repair attempts Mercedes Benz was unable to fix the issues with this Mercedes Benz lemon.

When this lemon law client contacted the lemon law experts at Consumer Law Experts, he had justifiably lost faith in the safety and reliability of this vehicle and did not feel safe driving his family around in this lemon wagon.  An experienced lemon law attorney listened to this client’s problems, and after reviewing his repair orders for this Mercedes Benz lemon, instantly knew they could help him out, and get him out of this lemon wagon.

Within 30 days of contacting the lemon law experts, this lemon law client was notified of some sweet news.  The lemon law lawyers at Consumer Law Experts were able to get Mercedes Benz to repurchase this lemon R350 wagon.  This repurchase made Mercedes Benz take back the vehicle, pay off this client’s loan, and reimburse him for his down payment and monthly payment, as well as pay attorneys’ fees and costs to the lemon law experts at Consumer Law Experts.  This lemon law client was not only thrilled with the outcome, but also the speed at which his case was resolved.

This Canyon Country lemon law client can now be seen driving with his family in a 2013 Mercedes Benz wagon that is both safe and reliable- all thanks to his lemon law attorneys at Consumer Law Experts.