Cadillac is a luxury brand of vehicles that many consumers love to drive.  While many consumers are paying a premium for such luxury, oftentimes the vehicles just aren’t worth the hefty price tags.  Luckily for this lemon law client, the Lemon Law Experts were able to get her out of her defective Cadillac Escalade that proved to be a lemon.  

Initially this luxury SUV was great.  However, after about 5,000 miles the problems began. She took the vehicle in for repeated repairs for the transmission lurching, slipping, and jerking.  She presented the SUV for repairs but after not being able to fix it, she was concerned for her safety and the safety of her family.  She contacted the Lemon Law Experts. Shortly thereafter, General Motors offered to repurchase her vehicle.  This consumer successfully surrendered the SUV, GM paid for her attorneys fees and costs and paid off her outstanding loan.