This client began noticing issues with their brand-new Jeep Compass at just over 2,000 miles. She noticed that her car was not turning off completely. The auto off function would not respond when she pushed the button. The dealer noted that the light of the auto off function remained on. They performed several tests and then the car appeared to be working as normal. No repairs were made on this visit.

A few months later, our client had to call a tow truck for their Jeep Compass. A warning light appeared on the dashboard and the vehicle went limp. The dealership found no warning lights but cleared all the error codes and performed a road test with the Compass. After inspection, the only problem they found was that the battery cables were loose. The service provider tightened these cables and cleared all other codes. The car appeared to be alright but less than a week later, our client found themselves at the dealership once again.

This time, the vehicle spent 3 days in the repair shop. Our client began having the same auto start/stop issues that she was having in the first few months of owning the Jeep Compass. This time, the dealer noted issues with the battery, which they replaced along with a new PCR Relay and new battery sensor. The dealer said that they found the car’s battery low on charge.

At around 7,000 miles, the Jeep Compass spent nearly 20 days at the dealership for repairs. Our client returned for the same issues as their previous visits. Just a few months after this lengthy repair, our client began noticing even more concerning symptoms in their Jeep. While driving on the freeway, our client felt the Jeep Compass jerking, which began to happen at least twice per day. Our client returned to the dealer two more times following this visit for jerking and shuddering in their vehicle.

Over the course of five more repairs, our Jeep client noted that they were still experiencing the auto start/stop issue, strange warning lights, and issues with their car’s radio. It became clear that there were serious issues with the Jeep Compass and that our client likely had a lemon on their hands. They decided to search online and found the Lemon Law Experts.

The Lemon Law Experts fought hard against FCA in order to get our client the compensation that they deserve. FCA agreed to repurchase the 2017 Jeep Compass and reimburse our client for all the monies they spent on this vehicle minus a usage fee. This client is among thousands of others who have been successful with their own California lemon law claims with help from the Lemon Law Experts. If you suspect that you have leased or purchased a lemon, contact the Lemon Law Experts as soon as possible for a free case evaluation.