This San Francisco area client contacted the lemon law attorneys of Consumer Law Experts after experiencing multiple electrical problems with his 2006 Chevy Corvette.  This vehicle was leased over a 5 year period, and began to show problems shortly after the third year.  Like most lemon law client, this Corvette owner did not think he had any relief under California’s Song Beverly Warranty act, the lemon law, because he had leased his vehicle.  As this client quickly learned, that is not the case.  He was referred to the San Francisco office of the lemon law firm of Consumer Law Experts.

During his initial free case evaluation his options and remedies were explained to him.  Given his lease was due to be up within a year, coupled with the warranty repair history, this lemon law client was advised to seek a cash settlement from General motors for this sour lemon corvette.   Taking his lemon law lawyers’ advice, the client authorized Consumer Law Experts to go after a cash settlement.

Consumer Law Experts were able to get a cash settlement for this lemon which reimbursed the client for over 18 months of lease payments, in addition to paying all legal fees and costs.

Simply because your car is leased, that does not preclude you from recovering under your state’s lemon law.  If you have experienced problems with your vehicle, and whether your vehicle is new or uses, purchased or leased, contact the lemon law attorneys of Consumer Law Experts for a FREE CASE EVALUATION. We service the entire state of California and have local offices in Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.  Call us at 877-885-5366 or visit us at Lemon Law Experts.