This Los Angeles lemon law client leased a 2013 BMW 328i believing it would be the ultimate driving experience. However, shortly after purchasing this car, this BMW lemon law California consumer learned his car was a lemon and his driving experience was ultimately sour. This lemon BMW was having issues with the fuel ventilation valve.  This consumer took car back to an authorized BMW dealership more than four times. However, the problem with this BMW lemon persisted and finally out of frustration and desperation forced this consumer to seek a lemon law attorney.

Like many lemon law clients, this client did not know that he should hire an attorney that specializes in lemon law, so he instead hired an attorney close to his home who worked in all areas of law. This attorney’s bid to get relief for this lemon law client was rejected, when BMW refused to buy back his BMW. This decision forced this California lemon law client to do more research, which led him to the Lemon Law Experts of Consumer Law Experts. When he contacted the Lemon Law Experts, he was despondent based on the decision he had already received from BMW w. The California lemon law attorney he spoke with explained to him the process and aggressive approach that would be taken with regard to his lemon. However, this lemon law client was still skeptical. Within 3 weeks of contacting the Lemon Law Experts, this California consumer was notified that BMW was repurchasing his lemon BMW 328i. BMW took back his car, paid off the lease and residual, and reimbursed this lemon law client his down payment and monthly payments to date, in addition to paying his lawyers fees and costs.

This lemon law client can now be seen driving through Sherman Oaks in a safe new ride thanks to his California lemon law attorneys. The lesson from this client’s experience is to find an attorney that specializes in lemon law. California lemon law is a specialized area of law that requires an attorney that understands and has experience practicing this area of law.  If you are experiencing problems with your lemon BMW, call the Lemon Law Experts today for a free case evaluation at (877) 885-5366.