Our client contacted us after taking his car into the dealership on 7 different occasions for problems with is 2007 BMW 550i sedan.  As always, we provided a FREE CASE EVALUATION. The car was manifesting engine problems, transmission problems, and electrical problems.  After review the repair orders and providing the client with a free case evaluation, we made the determination that this car was a lemon.  Through the use of California’ Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act we revoked acceptance of the car, and we demanded that BMW repurchase this vehicle.

After some negotiations and explaining that these problems substantially impaired the safety, use and value of the vehicle, BMW agreed to repurchase the vehicle.  BMW took back this lemon, paid off the money owed to the lender, and reimbursed our client for all money he had paid, including down payment, monthly payments, registration, and interest.  In addition BMW paid all our attorneys’ fees and costs.

This client came to us feeling frustrated and that nothing could be done.  Within 45 days we had him out of this lemon of a car and into a new and safe car.  AND AT NO COST TO THE CLIENT.