This lemon law client first contacted us after experiencing major engine and transmission issues with his 2009 Nissan GT-R lemon. The Nissan GT-R supercar, formerly known as Skyline, was the 2009 Motor Trend Car of the Year. Based on all the review and touting, this California lemon law client purchased this 2009 Nissan Supercar. This lemon law client loved being seen and driving this Nissan GT-R until he started having major engine and transmission issues, which manifested by the vehicle not starting and the transmission grinding when shifting gears. This Nissan supercar lemon law client contacted the lemon law attorneys at Consumer Law Experts who were able to aggressively fight for this client, and obtain a repurchase on this 2009 Nissan GT-R supercar, which he owned outright. Under the repurchase, this lemon law client got all his monies back, down payment, monthly payment, as well as current registration, in addition, to getting his attorneys’ fees and costs paid. This client is now driving the streets of Northridge in a new safe supercar.