Issues with our client’s Nissan Versa began at just over 4,000 miles, mere months after purchasing the car. He kept hearing a rattling noise from the vehicle. Despite multiple repair visits, problems with the car continued. 

Our client began noticing transmission-related symptoms in the vehicle. In addition to a low humming sound, our client also noticed loss of power and sudden deceleration in the 2016 Sentra. 

Despite his service provider confirming the issues in his vehicle and performing multiple repairs, there did not appear to be any permanent fixes from Nissan. Transmission problems in our client’s vehicle persisted and he became increasingly concerned. 

He did not feel safe driving the 2016 Sentra due to its sudden deceleration. He feared that this would eventually result in an accident should his vehicle decelerate abruptly on a busy road. 

Our client wanted solutions so that he could feel safe driving again. He suspected that the Sentra was a lemon and he decided to search for more information about state lemon laws online. That is where he found the Lemon Law Experts. 

Believing he had a claim, he reached out to us. Through a quick case evaluation, our team of lemon law attorneys determined that his Sentra was in fact a lemon. From there, the Lemon Law Experts assisted the client throughout every step of the process. 

The client did not regret his decision to have us represent him in his case. He received a lemon law buyback settlement in which Nissan North America agreed to repurchase his 2016 Nissan Sentra and reimburse him for all costs associated with the lemon, including his attorney fees.

 He was happy he gave us a call. You too can see excellent results in your own lemon law claim by enlisting our help. Whether you are ready to begin or unsure if you are eligible, contact the Lemon Law Experts today.