This client encountered numerous issues with his recently purchased 2019 Tesla Model X, which arose less than two months after he brought the vehicle home.

Despite having driven just over 1,000 miles, the client began experiencing difficulties with the driver’s side door, marking the beginning of a series of problems. In fact, the client had to make over 15 trips to the repair shop for various structural issues related to the new Tesla Model X.

Among the problems reported to service technicians were challenges in rolling up the windows, as well as other issues such as low voltage, inadequate sealing, faulty door latches, and unusual sounds.

Some of the repair visits lasted several days, with one instance stretching out to a total of 24 days. It became evident that despite the numerous repair attempts, the manufacturer was unable to permanently resolve the issues plaguing the vehicle.

Fortunately, our client’s case achieved remarkable results, as Tesla agreed to repurchase the vehicle and reimburse all monies spent on the vehicle, minus the usage fee. As the prevailing party, Tesla paid for this consumer’s legal fees and costs as well.

Thanks to the dedicated support of the Lemon Law Experts, our client found immense satisfaction in promptly resolving the problems surrounding the unreliable Tesla EV. As a result, he was able to acquire a new, dependable vehicle, providing him with renewed assurance and peace of mind.

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