This client’s legal battle against FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) regarding his 2022 RAM 2500 stands as a poignant illustration of the hurdles consumers often confront when faced with persistent vehicle defects.

Shortly after purchasing a new RAM 2500 in 2022, his ownership experience quickly soured as he encountered an array of issues, necessitating multiple visits to a Dodge dealership for warranty servicing.

The litany of issues involving our client’s RAM 2500 spanned from mere cosmetic imperfections to substantial mechanical failures, encompassing paint irregularities, radio glitches, and transmission malfunctions.

Despite the diligent efforts of the service advisors, these issues persisted, lasting across several repair attempts over an extended duration.

One notable instance unfolded from May 18, 2022, to June 29, 2022, during which this client’s vehicle stayed at the dealership for 43 days. Throughout this period, concerted efforts were made to rectify various concerns, notably addressing paint defects and radio malfunctions.

Regrettably, these efforts proved futile, necessitating further diagnostic procedures and repair endeavors.

Just a few months later, the pickup experienced even more issues. At this point, the pickup had spent a total of In California, enduring over 30 days of repair attempts at a dealership is enough to classify a vehicle as a lemon under the state’s Lemon Law regulations.

After learning this, this client decided to seek legal help for lemon law matters- and that is when he found the Lemon Law Experts.

Leveraging their proficiency in the California Lemon Law, our team successfully reached a resolution with FCA, ensuring that our client received a repurchase of the lemon vehicle and the payment of their attorneys fees and costs.

This consumer received all of the money they spent on this vehicle back (minus a usage fee) and had their incidental expenses related to the lemon vehicle reimbursed.

This case serves as a stark reminder of the importance of consumer protection statutes and the critical role that experienced legal professionals play in protecting consumers’ rights.

If you find yourself in a similar automotive situation in California, do not hesitate to seek help from experienced professionals such as the Lemon Law Experts. Our team is ready to guide you and advocate tirelessly for an equitable resolution. Contact the Lemon Law Experts today to learn more.