The Lemon Law Experts team recently achieved outstanding results for a client struggling with a brand-new 2020 Ford Explorer. Issues with this Ford began just mere days after our client drove off the lot. With just over 400 miles, the 2020 Ford Explorer spent 24 days out of service due to repairs.

Our client told the service technician that they couldn’t change drive terrain on the vehicle and certain safety features like pre-collision assist were unavailable. He also noticed warning lights on the dashboard. The dealership found several different error codes upon inspecting the Ford Explorer. They replaced several different vehicle components and the issues appeared to be resolved.

Just two days after this visit, our client had to return to the dealership, where the Ford was kept in the shop for 21 calendar days. Our client informed the technicians that he was experiencing the same issues with the car. Following this second long repair, our client took the vehicle in for repairs two more times. Despite extensive repairs and long visits to the repair shop, Ford seemed unable to fix our client’s car. Fed up with this process, he decided to reach out to the Lemon Law Experts.

Our client received outstanding results in their case. Ford Motor Company agreed to repurchase the vehicle and reimburse our client for all monies spent on this vehicle minus a usage fee. Additionally, Ford covered all legal fees and costs related to the representation. With the Lemon Law Experts as their advocate, our client was delighted to have quickly resolved the issue with their unreliable Explorer and purchased a new, much more dependable car that provided them with peace of mind.

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