Lemon Ford

The Ford Sync system allows a user to operate the majority of the features of their
car by voice command; from the navigation system, to music, to the air conditioning.
Ford advertises this as a major selling feature on this vehicle. This Sync system is the
sole reason that this San Bernardino lemon law client purchased his 2011 Ford Edge.
However, from the moment this client took delivery of his Ford Edge lemon there were
issues with the Sync system in his vehicle. The defective Sync system in this Ford
Edge lemon did not allow the navigation to work, the phone to work, the ipod to work,
the backup camera to work, and the air conditioning to work. It is clear that this Sync
system is the brain of this Ford Edge lemon, and this brain was not functioning, in fact it
could most likely have been called Ford’s lemon system instead of Ford’s Sync System.

By the time this lemon law client had contacted the lemon law experts at Shainfeld &
Anvar, he had taken his vehicle in on more than 10 occasions to have this Ford Sync
problem looked at. Ford’s authorized dealerships had attempted to resolve the problem
by replacing the unit, updating the software, and even making this lemon law client
change his cell phone. None of these resolutions fixed the problem. A vehicle is a
lemon by definition if it cannot be fixed in a reasonable number of attempts. This clearly
appeared to the case with this Ford Edge lemon, but Ford was not willing to do anything
for this lemon law client. This was not acceptable to the lemon law experts at Shainfeld
& Anvar, who were forced to file a lawsuit against Ford Motor Company. After filing suit,
the lemon law experts were able to obtain a cash settlement for this lemon law client,
which got him back almost 30% of the purchase price of this Ford Edge lemon.