Lemon Ford

Lemon Law Lawyers Force Ford Motor Company to Repurchase a 2012 Lemon Ford Mustang Supercar with Engine Issues

This lemon law client is a car collector.  He purchased his 2012 Ford Mustang supercar with the intention of keeping for many years to come.  Within the first year this Ford Mustang lemon needed an engine replacement.  This engine replacement kept this Ford lemon out of service for more than 30 days.  A replacement of an engine in a vehicle can generally be looked at as a good thing, but this is not the case with vehicles that are collectibles.   No car collector wants to collect a car with a different engine than what originally came with the vehicle, and to date, there is no record of any car collector collecting lemon vehicles.   This lemon law client contacted the lemon law attorneys at Consumer Law Experts, outlined the problems with his 2012 Ford Mustang lemon, as well as the fact that he is a car collector.  The lemon law specialists were able to articulate this position to Ford Motor Company, and demanded that Ford repurchase this 2012 Ford lemon.  Within one month, the lemon law experts had obtained a full repurchase from Ford, which included taking back this vehicle, paying off the balance of the loan, reimbursement for all monies paid toward this car, and payment of all this client’s lemon law attorneys fees.

This car collector has not decided what his next supercar will be, but be assured that thanks to the California lemon law attorneys at Consumer Law Experts, the next vehicle will not be a lemon.