This lemon law client purchased a 2011 Cadillac SRX which began to demonstrate problems within the first three months.  This lemon law client was a doctor who needed a reliable vehicle to visit and treat patients.  His Cadillac SRX lemon was having issues with the transmission, the vehicle was going into “safe mode.”  This lemon law client is a big General Motors fan and understood that there was nothing wrong with the design of his car, simply that this car was a lemon- a vehicle which could not be repaired in a reasonable number of attempts.  The California lemon law attorneys negotiated with GM about this Cadillac SRX and fought for this client’s lemon law rights.  In less than 30 days the lemon law attorneys’ were able to obtain a full repurchase for this client and negotiate that General Motors pay all attorneys’ fees and costs.  Thanks to the aggressive lemon law lawyers at Consumer Law Experts, this doctor is no longer in his Cadillac SRX lemon, but can now be seen making house calls throughout Southern California in his brand new 2012 Cadillac SRX.