This San Luis Obispo lemon law client purchased a 2011 lemon GMC Terrain.  He is an avid GM client as he has been in GM vehicles for the past 20 years.  This truly is a loyal GM customer.  Unfortunately this GMC Terrain lemon did not perform like this client’s previous vehicles.  During the first year of ownership this vehicle went in for repairs on 4 different occasions for engine issues.  This GMC terrain lemon was rattling, stalling while driving, and having trouble starting.

This GMC Terrain lemon law client was referred to the lemon law experts at Consumer Law Experts through a friend who had previously had excellent results with the lemon law experts at Consumer Law Experts.  Upon contacting these lemon law experts this client immediately spoke with a lemon law attorney who outlined the entire lemon law process and explained what could be expected with this GMC Terrain lemon.  The lemon law experts delivered all that this client asked for and more.  Within 2 weeks a full repurchase had been negotiated with GM.  This repurchase required that GM take back this GMC Terrain lemon, pay off this lemon law client’s loan, and reimburse all his monies paid, including down payment, monthly payments, interest, and registration.  Additionally, GM paid all his attorneys’ fees and costs.

Needless to say this GMC lemon law client was ecstatic.  This one GMC lemon did not put a sour taste in his mouth at all.  In fact this lemon law client can now be seen driving the central coast of California in his brand new 2013 GM SUV.