Thanks to the California Lemon Law Experts, Hyundai Repurchases a 2011 Hyundai Lemon

Lemon Hyundai

These San Bernardino County lemon law clients purchased a brand new 2011 Hyundai Sonata based on the advertisements of how reliable this vehicle was and how amazing the fuel economy was.  Unfortunately for these Hyundai lemon law clients this Sonata did not provide a sweet safe drive, but rather a sour one, which had these lemon law clients filling up with gas more than usual, as well as in the dealership for multiple repairs.  The issues with this Hyundai lemon were a defective engine which resulted in the vehicle not starting and getting very poor fuel economy.
A vehicle not starting poses a substantial impairment to the safety of the vehicle, while poor gas economy poses a substantial impairment to the use of the vehicle, given today’s current gas prices.  When these lemon law clients contacted the lemon law experts at Consumer Law Experts, they simply wanted to be in a safe, reliable and affordable vehicle.   After immediately speaking with a lemon law lawyer, these lemon law clients were assured there was merit to their lemon law claim and that the lemon law experts would take their case at no cost to these clients.  The lemon law experts lived up wo their word, and were able to negotiate a full repurchase with Hyundai on this 2011 Hyundai Sonata lemon.  This repurchase required that the manufacturer take back the vehicle, payoff the balance of the loan, reimburse these lemon law clients for all monies paid toward the vehicle (down payment, monthly payments, registration, tax and interest), and the manufacturer even paid their lemon law attorneys’ fees and costs.

This San Bernardino lemon law client can now be happily seen the streets of Hemet in a safe, reliable and affordable vehicle.