With great expectations for his new 2023 Land Rover Range Rover Sport, our client’s ownership path rapidly descended into a never-ending technical nightmare.

Beginning in February 2023, the vehicle was plagued by various issues, including water leaks from the passenger rear dome light and handle, a malfunctioning sunroof, and an air suspension fault light. Despite extensive testing and multiple repair attempts, the dealership was unable to permanently resolve these problems.

In July 2023, our client faced new challenges with his vehicle, including an inoperative suspension system and repeated water leaks. Technicians performed a software reset and extensive tests, but the issues persisted.

By September 2023, the Range Rover exhibited even more problems, such as a low coolant warning, screen freezes, and loose weather stripping on the doors. Despite replacing coolant lines and performing software updates, the vehicle continued to malfunction.

October 2023 brought further frustration with brake pad wear warnings, windshield washer fluid leaks, and coolant smells. The dealership replaced brake pads, sensors, and various hoses, but the problems were relentless.

December 2023 saw the suspension malfunctioning again, along with a new issue of the vehicle bouncing and holding gears while driving. Extensive diagnostics and repairs, including replacing differential bushings and updating software, failed to provide a lasting solution.

By February 2024, our client’s patience was wearing thin as the vehicle began to display low battery warnings, suspension drops, and compressor noise. The dealership’s attempts to resolve these issues through valve block replacements and diagnostic tests proved futile.

March 2024 marked another low point with major coolant and oil leaks that required massive repairs. Despite these attempts, issues across all vehicle systems in the Range Rover Sport persisted. Throughout this repair journey, the vehicle had cumulatively spent 59 days at the dealership, well enough to qualify as a lemon under California lemon law.

Frustrated by the ongoing issues and extensive repair time, this client sought legal counsel from the Lemon Law Experts.

Acknowledged for their knowledge of California’s consumer protection and lemon laws, the Lemon Law Experts effectively negotiated a settlement with Jaguar-Land Rover North America, Inc., effectively guaranteeing that our client received full compensation for his lemon-related costs, including legal fees.

This prolonged struggle shows the challenges that consumers encounter when dealing with recurrent vehicle faults, even after several repair attempts. The Lemon Law Experts consistently achieve positive results for their clients, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to consumer protection.

The Lemon Law Experts are here to assist if you have comparable car problems in California. Contact our team today for a free, no-obligation consultation to explore your legal options and achieve a successful resolution to your lemon issues today.