Not even some of the world’s most expensive cars are free from recalls and lemon law defects. Porsche recently announced a recall for a potential lemon law issue with regard to a seat-belt flaw. According to Porsche, the seat belts in approximately 887 Porsche sports cars may become loose and not provide protection to its passengers.

The recall affects approximately 887 Porsche sports cars including the model years 2011 through 2012 Boxster, Cayman, and the 911 Carrera, 911 Speedster, 911 Targa and 911 Turbo.

Porsche told the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that the potential lemon law defect is the result of a supplier’s short-term manufacturing problem that can result in the seatbelts malfunctioning and being useless in an accident. Porsche announced that to date, no accident or injuries have been reported.

This is a major concern for Porsche consumers as a seatbelt defect substantially increases the risk of injury especially when considering the way in which the affected cars are driven or are meant to be driven. Porsche is performing the repair and replacement work to the affected vehicles free of charge.

If you have experienced problems with your 2011 or 2012 Porsche relating to a defective seat belt, it is possible that you may have a lemon law claim and that your Porsche may be a lemon.

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