Lemon Law Experts Negotiate a Full Repurchase on 2011 Infiniti G37 Lemon with Transmission Issues

This San Francisco lemon law client purchased his brand new 2011 Infiniti G37 in February 2011.  He wanted a safe, reliable, and sleek luxury sedan, which is what led him to this Infiniti G37.  While the vehicle was sleek, it was far from safe and reliable.  Over the next two years this lemon law client realized his vehicle was in fact an Infiniti G37 lemon, which was neither safe nor reliable.  This lemon Infiniti G37 had transmission issues which were evidenced by a delay in shifting, and the transmission jerking into gear.  Given the hills in San Francisco, these issues pose a much more substantial impairment to the safety of the driver and made this Infiniti 37 a lemon.  In fact these transmission issues actually caused this lemon law client to get into an accident.

Like many lemon law clients, this client thought he could resolve this matter on his own.  He contacted the BBB Autoline and went through arbitration.  The finding of the BBB arbitrator was that his Infiniti G37 was not a lemon.  This decision did not sit well with this lemon law client, which forced him to seek out the best lemon law attorneys he could find.

Upon contacting the lemon law experts at Consumer Law Experts, this lemon law client immediately spoke with an experienced lemon law lawyer.  After reviewing the repair history with this client, the lemon law attorney informed this client that there was definitely merit to his claim, and that the lemon law experts believed his case qualified for a repurchase pursuant to California lemon law despite what the BBB arbitrator had found.  Within 30 days of contacting the lemon law experts at Consumer Law Experts, this Infiniti lemon law client was informed that Infiniti had agreed to repurchase his lemon Infiniti G37.  This repurchase required the manufacturer take back the vehicle, payoff the balance of the loan, reimburse this client for all monies paid toward the vehicle (down payment, monthly payments, registration, tax and interest), and the manufacturer even paid this client’s lemon law attorneys’ fees and costs.

This California lemon law client can now be happily seen driving up and down the hills of San Francisco in a safe, reliable and luxurious sedan.
The lesson to be learned from this lemon law success story is that the BBB Autoline is not the final decision in a lemon law claim.  The BBB is only one method of resolving a lemon law claim, but before filing with the BBB it is advised to contact an experienced lemon law attorney first.