Problems with this lemon law client’s car began at just about 8,000 miles. On her first repair visit to a local Nissan dealer, she reported that her 2017 Nissan Altima violently jerks while in motion and on one occasion the vehicle moved forward instead of backward while in reverse.

Her car seemed to be getting worse despite her frequent trips to the dealership. She told her service provider about a host of transmission symptoms in her Nissan, including difficulty changing gears, and problems driving uphill. She brought in her car for repair several more times after her first repair visit.

The vehicle was out of service for nearly thirty days for repairs and our client’s patience was wearing thin. She discovered new issues with her car recurringly and found herself in and out of the dealership for additional repair visits. The Nissan service provider could not figure out what was wrong with the client’s 2017 Altima despite several repair attempts.

Unimpressed with the lack of solutions, our client got in touch with the Lemon Law Experts. She spoke with one of our lemon law attorneys who helped her figure out if she could qualify for cash, refund, or a replacement car. Our team saw that her case did qualify, and they were prepared to strongly advocate for her.

Our client was glad that she decided to move forward with her lemon law claim. Her team of attorneys was able to secure her a lemon law buyback covering the down payment, monthly payments, registration, taxes, and fees.

Nissan also paid for the client’s attorneys’ fees and costs. She could not have been more thrilled with the excellent results The Lemon Law Experts were able to help her receive for a car that she at one point thought she was permanently stuck with.