These clients encountered a myriad of issues in their brand-new 2020 Ford Expedition Max, spanning from erratic transmission behavior to faltering air conditioning and infotainment functionalities.

Over a series of appointments spanning several months, the couple experienced harsh shifting, ineffective cooling systems blowing warm air, and an unresponsive infotainment interface.

Any proposed solutions from the dealership often proved temporary, with problems resurfacing shortly after each repair attempt. The severity of the situation is exemplified by a single service visit that extended for a daunting 27 days.

Under the California Lemon Law, if a manufacturer is unable to repair a problem after a “reasonable” number of repair attempts and does not meet its obligations under the warranty, it may be required to buy back or replace your car.

In other words, a prolonged service visit like the one lasting 27 days could indeed qualify as a lemon under California law if the vehicle’s defects substantially impair its use, value, or safety.

Even with exhaustive diagnostic assessments and attempted remedies, including transmission strategy adjustments and component replacements, the Expedition Max persisted in exhibiting performance deficiencies, leaving our clients disheartened with their ownership experience.

After numerous unsuccessful attempts to rectify these issues through warranty repair work, our clients reached a breaking point. This is when they enlisted assistance from the Lemon Law Experts.

Renowned for our expertise and experience in California lemon law matters, our team boasts a proven track record of securing significant settlements in lemon law cases.

Ford agreed to buy back the defective 2020 Ford Expedition Max and reimburse our clients for lemon-related expenses, including their legal fees. This recent triumph underscores our unwavering dedication to achieving favorable outcomes for clients.

If you are facing similar challenges with a vehicle, you purchased or leased in California, the Lemon Law Experts stand ready to assist.

Our team offers complimentary, no-obligation consultations to assess eligibility for remedies such as a replacement vehicle, monetary compensation, or a refund under the Lemon Law. Do not hesitate to contact us by calling 877-885-5366 or visiting our website today.