With approximately 5,752 miles on the vehicle’s odometer, our clients presented their brand-new 2021 Dodge Charger to an authorized Fiat Chrysler Automobiles dealership reporting a thumping sound when starting the vehicle. The dealership diagnosed that the transmission engaged with a clunking noise, a known issue with the 8HP50 transmission.

Despite this, they advised our clients that this behavior was normal for the vehicle, finding no fault.

A subsequent visit due to a loud clunking sound and jerking when shifting gears, revealed the same transmission issue. Again, the dealership confirmed the problem but stated there was no current solution from the factory.

During another repair appointment, the Charger continued to exhibit the clunking noise when shifting from park to drive. Our clients also informed the service provider of a ticking sound, though inspections found no abnormalities and no immediate corrective action was taken.

Returning for persistent issues with clunking sounds during vehicle startup and gear shifting, our clients’ concerns were acknowledged once again. A lift inspection confirmed the noise originated from the transmission, yet no resolution was provided beyond acknowledging it as a characteristic of the 8HP50 transmission.

After multiple unsuccessful attempts to fix the transmission issues inspections revealed a loose intake rocker arm bearing and fuel system issues contributing to the engine’s irregular performance. Repairs included replacing the rocker arm, fuel tank, and charcoal canister to resolve the surging problem.

Frustrated with the ongoing defects despite multiple repair attempts, our clients decided to seek legal action against Chrysler. The Lemon Law Experts, familiar with California’s consumer protection laws, successfully negotiated a settlement with FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles). This resulted in FCA repurchasing the problematic Charger. The manufacturer also covered their associated legal fees and costs.

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