This client’s experience with her brand-new 2022 Hyundai became a frustrating journey of repeated mechanical issues, resulting in multiple repair visits. She purchased the vehicle new. Unfortunately, shortly after purchase, the vehicle began exhibiting persistent problems that required repeat warranty repair attempts.

Her first major issue was the illumination of the check engine light. The diagnostic scan revealed a P042033 trouble code, indicating catalytic system efficiency below threshold in bank 1.

The service team replaced the downstream O2 sensor, conducted a complimentary multi-point visual inspection, and test-drove the vehicle to confirm the repair, resolving the issue temporarily.

Despite these initial repairs, the vehicle’s check engine light reappeared. This time, diagnostics showed a P030300 code for cylinder 3 misfire. Further inspection identified an internal failure in the cylinder 3 fuel injector. The team replaced the faulty injector and associated components, verified the repair with a test drive, and again resolved the concern.

Unfortunately, mechanical problems persisted and the check engine light illuminated once again. The scan revealed the same P042033 code as before. Following Hyundai’s technical guidance, the service team replaced the catalytic converter and gasket. They completed another multi-point inspection and verified the repair after a test drive.

Despite these efforts, the repeated engine issues and multiple repair visits led this client to seek legal counsel under California’s Lemon Law. Her frustration with the ongoing problems and significant downtime of her vehicle underscored the challenges many consumers face with persistent automotive defects.

The Lemon Law Experts took on her case against Hyundai Motor America. Our team’s dedicated efforts resulted in a successful resolution for this consumer. This outcome provided our client with relief from her ongoing vehicle troubles and allowed her to move on to a more reliable vehicle.

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