Just four months into owning his brand new 2018 Chevrolet Equinox, this client took the car in for repairs. The check engine light had come on and he could not figure out what was wrong with the SUV. On the first repair visit, the Chevrolet dealer discovered excessive fuel in the crank case. Technicians replaced several engine components, including the camshaft.

Unfortunately, problems with our client’s Chevrolet Equinox continued. About 9 months later, this client took the SUV in for repairs once again. This time, he told technicians that he hears a tapping or knocking sound coming from the engine whenever the air conditioning is turned on. The dealership was able to recreate the issue and decided to replace even more engine parts. 

Following that repair visit, our client took the SUV in for two more repair visits for the same issue: the check engine light had turned on. On both occasions, the dealership discovered even more engine issues with the car. It seemed that their only solution was to replace components of the engine. This did not resolve the issues, however. 

 A new engine issue seemed to appear on every visit to the repair shop. Our client was extremely frustrated that he was experiencing so many problems with his new SUV. He decided to investigate his legal options and found the Lemon Law Experts.

The Lemon Law Experts determined that this client had a valid lemon law claim. Our team was able to secure him amazing results. The manufacturer agreed to repurchase the 2018 Chevrolet Equinox and to reimburse our client for all the money he had spent towards the Chevy lemon, including his legal fees. He was absolutely thrilled with the result. To find out if you qualify for a lemon law refund, cash compensation, or other remedy, give us a call today!