Our client contacted us about 3 months after purchasing a used 2006 Nissan Altima Sedan from this local Los Angeles Auto Dealer.  After about 6 weeks with the car our client began to experience engine problems and electrical problems.  When she took the vehicle in for repair she was shocked to learn that the vehicle she bought had been in an accident- this is something that was not disclosed at the time.

Upon learning that this vehicle had been in an accident, she contacted the Los Angeles consumer fraud and lemon law attorneys at Consumer Law Experts.  The consumer fraud and lemon law specialists attempted to resolve this matter informally without filing a lawsuit.  The dealership believed a lawsuit was simply a threat tactic, but this dealership learned very quickly that the lemon law attorneys at Consumer Law Experts fight for their clients’ rights.  A lawsuit was filed and litigation commenced.   Through the use of the Consumer Legal Remedies Act, and after some negotiations which were coupled with an outlining of consumer rights and the responsibilities of auto dealerships to their customers under the law, a settlement was reached, wherein this dealership paid to our client all the monies she had paid for her vehicle, in addition to covering all attorneys’ fees and costs.

The moral of this story is- dealers beware! The consumer fraud and lemon law attorneys of Consumer Law Experts are ready and willing to fight for our clients’ rights.  We may not wear capes, but according to our clients, we are “heroes.”