Our client contacted approximately 18 months after purchasing his high end Nissan 370z coupe.  The vehicle was having problems with the suspension and alignment.  It turns out that this vehicle was involved in an accident prior to our client taking possession of the car.  This vehicle was purchased new, so it never occurred to our client to inquire whether or not the vehicle had been involved in an accident.   While it does not happen often it does happen that during transit or a during a rest drive a new vehicle is involved in an accident.  This fact is something that should always be disclosed to the consumer at the time of purchase.

The consumer fraud attorneys and lemon law specialists at Consumer Law Experts utilized the Consumer Legal Remedies Act (CLRA) to force this Nissan Dealership to unwind this fraudulent transaction.  The dealership took back the vehicle, paid off all monies owed to the lender, and reimbursed our client for all monies paid on the vehicle, in addition to covering our attorneys’ fees and costs.

Here is what our client said:  “I had leased a new car from a dealership and after two years of paying $600 a month I had discovered that the car was in a accident two months before I purchased it. I spoke with Brett and he agreed to take my case. It took him total of two weeks to handle the case and get me out of that terrible deal and I got most of my money back. If you have a lemon case or a general dealer fraud case I would highly recommend you to contact Brett as soon as possible and you will be very pleased with the end results.”