California Lemon Law Attorneys Obtain a Full Repurchase From MINI USA on a Used 2006 Mini Cooper with Engine and Electrical Issues

This California lemon law client purchased a used 2006 Mini Cooper in February 2009 with over 13,000 miles on it.  Yes, that is correct she purchased a used car more than three years ago, and was still able to obtain relief under California lemon law for this Mini Cooper Lemon.  Did this client think it was possible?  Not when she first contacted the aggressive lemon law lawyers at Consumer Law Experts.  Truly, she was just frustrated with the repairs and did not feel safe driving this lemon Mini Cooper through the mountains.  The problems she was experiencing with this Mini Cooper lemon included the vehicle overheating, the vehicle not starting along with some other electrical issues.  She was referred to the California’s premier lemon law firm by a friend, and made the call just to appease her friend.  Upon completing her free consultation with the California lemon lawyers at The Lemon Law Experts, she was pleasantly surprised.  Not only did Consumer Law Experts take the case, they told her she would be entitled to relief pursuant to the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, California’s lemon law.  Within three weeks of contacting the lemon law specialists, this client received the amazing news that MINI USA would be repurchasing this used Mini Cooper lemon.  Her lemon law attorneys were able to obtain a full repurchase of her vehicle, whereby MINI USA took back this lemon, reimbursed her for all monies paid, including down payment, interest, monthly payments, as well as paying off the balance of her loan on the vehicle.  Additionally, MINI USA agreed to pay her attorneys’ fees and costs.  Let’s just say this previous owner of lemon Mini Cooper received max results from the lemon law attorneys at Consumer Law Experts.