This California lemon law client first contacted the lemon law specialists at Consumer Law Experts after experiencing multiple transmission repairs on his 2009 Nissan GT-R supercar.  For those of us who are not car aficionados, the Nissan GTR, is considered to be a supercar, and was voted the 2009Motor Trend Car of the Year.  This Fontana native, growing up close to the California Speedway had an appreciation for supercars, and this Nissan supercar’s ability to perform at a high level.  This 2009 Nissan GT-R supercar ended up being a super lemon.  Like most California lemon law clients, this Nissan lemon law client was not sure that he had a claim as the problems with his car did not occur until his Nissan lemon was out of the California lemon law presumption period.  When he contacted the lemon law specialists at Consumer Law Experts, he was frustrated that this $90,000 plus supercar was having major and multiple transmission repairs.  The lemon law experts at Consumer Law Experts reviewed the case, and then put together a demand packet outlining the issues with this vehicle.  Initially Nissan did not want to deem this Nissan GT-R a lemon, as it did not meet the lemon law presumption.  This was not acceptable to California’s most aggressive lemon law firm.  Consumer Law Experts demanded a repurchase, and stated that if there was not to be one, a lawsuit would be filed, wherein penalties would be sought against Nissan North America.  Nissan agreed to repurchase the vehicle pursuant to California lemon law, formally known as the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act.  Under the repurchase, this California lemon law client got all his monies back, down payment, monthly payments, as well as current registration, in addition, to getting his attorneys’ fees and costs paid.  This lemon law client is now deciding on what supercar to go with that will allow him to once again ride in style.