Over a span of two years, this client faced recurring visits to the dealership for repairs on his brand new 2020 Nissan Altima due to various safety issues. During the vehicle’s initial repair visit, the client reported connectivity problems with the infotainment system as well as shaking. Unfortunately, electrical issues persisted for months following this initial repair.

As time went on, the client started noticing problems with the automatic braking system in his recently purchased Nissan Altima. The vehicle would autonomously brake as if the front distance sensor detected an object in front, and the same issue was observed with the rear sensor. Consequently, the client found himself frequently visiting the repair shop for attempted resolutions.

Frustrated by the repeated unsuccessful repair attempts, this driver sought the assistance of our team of Lemon Law Experts. With unwavering dedication, we tirelessly represented the client and achieved a favorable resolution.

This successful outcome involved Nissan repurchasing the defective vehicle and reimbursing all monies spent on the lemon, including the client’s legal fees and costs.

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