Lemon Ford SUV

This Los Angeles lemon law client purchased a 2012 Ford Explorer mainly because of
the benefits offered with Ford’s Sync System. The Ford Sync system is supposedly
designed to a driver keep their eyes on the road through voice recognition. A driver
is simply supposed to tell the Sync system what to do and the vehicle is supposed to
respond. Through voice commands the Sync can make calls hands-free, find and play
music, and even get directions that will be given to the driver turn-by-turn.

This Ford lemon law client was expecting this ease of use with this Sync System, but
in fact this lemon law client never felt in sync ever in this Ford Explorer lemon. The
Ford Sync system would not work, as it would not allow him to use his phone, use the
navigation, or even the air conditioning. When he contacted Ford about this problem,
this Ford lemon law client was told that the Sync system is not a vital part of the vehicle
and therefore Ford would not be willing to do anything for his problems. This response
angered this lemon law client as it was not only advertised as a huge part of this Ford
Explorer lemon, but the main reason he purchased it.

This forced him to seek legal representation, and he luckily found the lemon law experts
at Consumer Law Experts. This client spoke with a qualified lemon law lawyer who not only
understood his problems, but also understood why he purchased this vehicle. With this
information the lemon law experts put together a lemon law claim against Ford. After
filing a lawsuit, the lemon law experts were able to obtain a cash settlement, whereby
this lemon law client received more than 20% of the purchase price. Additionally, Ford
paid all his lemon law experts attorneys’ fees and costs. This cash settlement allowed
this Ford lemon law client to sell his car and recoup any lost value, in fact, he ended up
in a better position than he had started prior to purchasing this Ford Explorer lemon.