This client was referred to Consumer Law Experts after purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned 2003 Volkswagen Beetle.  When she contacted the California lemon law offices of Consumer Law Experts, her vehicle had 97,000 miles on it.  As a certified pre-owned vehicle, the Orange County VW dealership and manufacturer had given this car a 100,000 mile extended warranty.  From the time the client purchased the car, which was with approximately 78,000 miles the vehicle had electrical issues.

Based on the mileage of this vehicle and warranty repair history, the lemon law attorneys explained to the client that this vehicle would not qualify for a repurchase under California’s lemon law, but that there was a diminution in value, meaning that the vehicle she purchased was worth less than she paid.  In order to obtain the relief this client was entitled to, her lemon law attorneys filed suit against both the local dealership as well as the manufacturer.   After several months of litigation, and with a trial date pending, the lemon law attorneys at Consumer Law Experts were able to obtain a cash settlement from Volkswagen which made the client whole, in addition to getting all her legal fees and costs paid.   This client was able to use this settlement to pay off the monies owed on her VW Beetle and get into a new car.