Used Car Law

If a vehicle has been unsuccessfully repaired four or more times for the same problem within the warranty time, and this problem seriously devalues the vehicle or interferes with its use, the vehicle is classified as a “lemon”. The lemon law varies from state to state, so check with the specific laws and statutes for … Continued

Lemon Law in California

Any person who buys a car receives particular rights which are covered under state and federal laws. The law lays out terms which will allow the purchaser to receive reimbursement for significant defects which constantly happen and are not fixed within a fair number of efforts, in the cases when a car does not perform … Continued

Understanding Car Recalls

With the purchase of an automobile, you have the expectation that it will comply with various performance and safety criteria. However, given that there are in excess of 200 million cars currently traveling the highways, it is not surprising that there will be problems.  This is the reason that consumers have protection under the National … Continued