Behind Closed Doors: Chrysler and Dodge Sliding Door Defect

Sliding Door Origins and Innovation Long before the Chrysler and Dodge sliding door defect, doors were being utilized by civilization. Over time, some of the simplest concepts have advanced greatly alongside humanity. Due to the regularity of doors in our daily lives, we hardly give thought to not only their origins, but their evolution over … Continued

Your Car Won’t Accelerate?! Chevrolet’s Delayed Acceleration Issues

Many Chevrolet vehicles are manufactured nowadays with electronic throttles in what is known as a drive-by-wire system.  This system is where a series of sensors provide information to an electronic control unit that controls the vehicle’s throttle and acceleration.  This is very different than back in the day when a vehicle’s accelerator pedal used to … Continued

Ford Diesel Truck Emission Scandal Heats Up

In 2015 Volkswagen was found to have been selling “clean” diesel vehicles that we not clean but were, in fact, significantly worse for the environment. It appears we may now be adding Ford Motor Company (Ford) to the growing list of major vehicle manufacturers who have grossly deceived consumers about their supposed environmentally-friendly vehicles.  Ford … Continued