Does the Lemon Law Apply to a Used Vehicle?

Lemon Cars

Much too often used car buyers discover that their recent car purchase is defective or problematic.  Can a used car purchaser be protected by the Lemon Laws?  The answer is, it depends. Each state has their own state-specific Lemon Law. These lemon laws differ state by state, and some of them allow consumers to be compensated if their used vehicle is a lemon. Of course as with any lemon law claim, you will need to have proof of the problems with the car, including, but not limited to vehicle service reports, mechanic/service receipts and other documents related to the problems with the car.   If a used vehicle is purchased with a warranty and is repaired repeatedly and fails to stand up to expected levels of performance; then there is a chance that the vehicle is a lemon.

It is important to note that a used vehicle can qualify under the Lemon Law (depends on the state) only if it was purchased with a written warranty.  In many circumstances, a used vehicle is sold while it is covered under the original manufacturer’s warranty and/or a warranty from the dealer.  If this is the case; then a used car may qualify under the Lemon Law.

Many used car consumers are not aware that they have lemon law rights. The laws are tricky and you will have to act quickly to make a claim to get any compensation.  A Lemon Law attorney can assist you and provide the guidance and services to receive fair compensation from the vehicle manufacturer or car dealer.  Lemon Law attorneys can also help prove that the vehicles issues were present before you purchased it.

When you choose the Lemon Law Experts of Consumer Law Experts you will be in expert hands. The Lemon Law Experts have documented years of experience handling thousands of Lemon Law cases for clients with new and used vehicles. For a case consultation or for more information about your used lemon vehicle call 1-877-885-5366 today.