File photo of General Motors logo outside its headquarters at the Renaissance Center in Detroit

In June 2014, General Motors made headlines with the news of their recall scandal regarding the ignition switch that caused a minimum of 13 deaths, while some estimate the death toll is closer to 60.  Deaths and crashes were caused by the ignition switch moving out of the drive position and shutting off the engine.  This causes the car to go out of control because the power steering and brakes are disabled, which also causes the airbags to get deactivated. The recall covers a variety of 2.6 million GM vehicles including Chevrolet Cobalt, Cruze, Saturn Ions, among others.

GM has fired 15 of their employees and paid a substantial $35 million in fines for failing to report the dangerous ignition switch defects.  In addition, GM is recalling over 8,000 2014 models currently due to brake and front wheel issues.

Millions of GM owners have had to deal with their vehicle being out of service for days and weeks at a time to resolve safety and drivability issues. There may be a way for GM owners to receive compensation for the troubles they have endured.   The Lemon Law Experts of Consumer Law Experts recommend researching the state’s Lemon Law rights since GM owners could be entitled to compensation, such as a complete repurchase due to the GM recalls.

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