American Honda Motor Company announced the recall of more than 33,000 Honda Odyssey Mini-vans. This is the second recall made by Honda in the month of March. This recall has been issued due to a faulty wiper rod. While this problem may not seem like a major concern in sunny Southern California, if you are living in parts of the state and country with snow and ice this can be very scary and even life threatening. The faulty wiper rod is causing the wipers to become frozen to the windshield, thereby not allowing drivers the ability to clean and/or clear their windshield. Thankfully there have not been any injuries to date because of this problem.

Honda has stated that it will send out notices to customers in April regarding this problem. If you have friends or family driving a Honda Odyssey, especially in cold climates, warn them to be careful and take their Mini-Van in sooner than later.

If you are driving a Honda Odyssey and have not yet experienced any problems with wiper blade system, take your vehicle to an authorized Honda dealership in order for them to assess your vehicle and make any necessary repairs.

However, if you have already experienced any problems with your Honda Odyssey Mini-Van and have taken it in for multiple repairs for this wiper blade problem or any other problem, you may have a lemon and you may be entitled to your money back or a new vehicle.

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