Are You Driving  a Potential Mitsubishi Lemon with Brake Problems?

Mitsubishi Lemon

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation announced the recall of almost 15,000 electric vehicles worldwide for a brake problem which may take it longer for these Mitsubishi electric vehicles to stop.
Mitsubishi stated that a problematic pump may cause the vehicle to run a longer distance when braking before it comes to a complete halt due to an improperly shaped or damaged air pump.  A vehicle that does not stop quickly and easily poses a substantial likelihood of bodily harm or injury to drivers, passengers, and even pedestrians.

Luckily, Mitsubishi states that there have not been any reported injuries due to this braking issue.

If you own or lease any of a Mitsubishi electric vehicle, be aware that these models that are potential lemons.  If you have experienced any problems with your braking or electrical system, you should contact the lemon law experts at Consumer Law Experts for a free case evaluation today.