Nissan Motor Company’s battery-powered Leaf vehicle has recently been hit with its first mechanical malfunction. The company has received numerous complaints from Leaf owners that the vehicle fails to start.

Nissan stated that the problem has to do with a sensor in the air conditioning system that may prevent the vehicles from restarting once the cars have been shut down. The company is investigating the matter further in order to determine the “root cause” of the problems and how to remedy them.

To date, a recall has not been issued because the malfunction does not pose a safety issue.

The Nissan Leaf costs approximately $33,000, and includes a $7,500 federal rebate. It is the first mass-produced family sized vehicle that is purely electric. The Leaf is four doors, provides seating for five, and can travel up to 90 miles with a single charge.

Unfortunately, technical and mechanical problems are not uncommon with the production of a new vehicle. If you are driving a Nissan Leaf and you have experienced restart problems with your vehicle and have taken it in for multiple repair attempts for this problem, you may have a lemon and you may be entitled to your money back or a new vehicle.

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